DApp of the Week #08 — Heartify (A Blockchain and TEE Healthcare Use Case)

Wassim Bendella
Mar 29, 2019 · 6 min read

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Currently, what are the barriers to healthcare data sharing?

What are the benefits of healthcare data sharing?

How does iExec make healthcare data sharing secure and monitorable?

Patient medical records are lucrative targets for hackers. An EMR is worth approximately $500 on the black market, which is 10 times more valuable than a credit card number. It is imperative that patients’ valuable medical records are used in a secure environment, which is exactly what iExec makes possible.

Heartify: Investigation on Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Using Physiological Parameters

How does Heartify guanrantee the privacy of patient data?

mv encryptedOutputFiles.zip.none ./tee/encryptedOutputs/encryptedOutputFiles.zipiexec tee decrypt

With its Pay-per-Task system, iExec makes possible a new paradigm of data sharing: the renting of data, while keeping its ownership, protecting its privacy and choosing which parties can access it.


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