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Hackathons using the iExec Stack and Dev Training Bounty Rewards

iExec recently mentored teams during three separate hackathons, where devs built using the iExec stack. This month also saw the conclusion of the second round of iExec developer training bounties. Of the submissions, successful implementations included applications such as a Bank Card Payment Validator, a Package Tracker, an Ethereum Weather Station, and the Ethereum Anemometer.

iExec mentored three successful hackathons:

Diffusion 2019 — A hackathon by Outlier Ventures,
iExec was a technical partner for the Diffusion 2019 hackathon in Berlin, held by Outlier Ventures. There was a 2000 DAI reward offered for teams delivering an application built with the iExec stack.

Decentralify — overall hackathon winners used iExec!
The winners of the overall hackathon prize built using the iExec stack. The submission was an iExec-based continuous integration app called Decentralify: it takes a GitHub repo with an app (VuePress, Hugo, Gatsby, etc), builds it on iExec, uploads the assets to IPFS and provides a simple domain via FISSION.

⏯ Watch the Decentralify team announced as winners at 0:14 in this video:

The Clay project implements an iExec Worker service

During the same hackathon, Clay won the 2nd iExec tech partner’s prize. It’s a neutral hardware infrastructure for the web3, a physical device (your clay), in your home or office, that runs server-side software contributing to web3 platforms. They implemented a service that runs an iExec Worker, providing idle computing power from your Clay to the iExec network.

Diffusion 2019 Hackathon organized by Outlier Ventures at The Factory, Berlin.

Blockchain City Challenge

More recently, iExec participated in the organization of two more hackathons in France.

The first was a three-day hackathon called “The Blockchain City Challenge”. Here, we were an official technology partner alongside general partners from some of the biggest enterprises in Europe. iExec mentored the participating teams, guiding them in implementing blockchain. The objective was to build blockchain and IoT solutions for smart cities.

Blockchain Hackathon at The Blend Conference

iExec also sponsored and co-organised a Hackathon alongside APRIL group. The 2-day hackathon took place during The Blend Conference. iExec was also a mentor during the hackathon. Congratulations to all the teams! The first prize went to ‘Clip n Go’ a connected bike helmet that activates mobility insurance each time it is put on. Mentored by iExec, the team uses blockchain to register all collected data.

The second round of iExec Developer Training Bounties

To recap, the candidates were simply required to follow the following tutorial to implement their project idea using the iExec Decentralized Oracle framework before submitting through Github and Gitcoin.

Introducing the winners

For this second series of Gitcoin bounties, we had 23 candidates. 8 of them delivered a fully functional oracle.

🎉Congratulations to the winners! Each one of them received a 500 RLC reward.

The third batch of developer training bounties will be released very soon!

Ideas Box Rewards

Congratulations to Mohammad, Allintether, Sergey and Callum, who have all been paid for contributing the decentralized oracle use case ideas for the bounties. If you would like to be in for the chance to get rewarded with RLC token, it is not too late to submit your oracle idea using this form:

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Interested in following the iExec project? What’s next?
iExec V4 (the high-performance computing version with GPU support) will be released on December 13th. The fourth version is all about scalability, giving iExec a real competitive edge.

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