How to buy RLC tokens?

How to buy RLC tokens using a credit card, using USD or EUR, using BTC or ETH — July 2018 EDIT

Note: if you’re a developer and you need some RLC to run your application, everything is free for you: just send us and email mentioning the amount you want.

A view of RLC/BTC market on at time of publication

RLC is the native token that fuels the iExec network. In a near future, you may need to acquire RLC tokens to use a new class of Ethereum applications. It’s actually the very first time that computing power is tradable just like a commodity on the marketplace.

RLC is available on the two following major crypto exchanges:

Then you can find RLC listed on more than 10 different crypto exchanges. The complete list of all open markets is available on

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Buy RLC tokens with USD or EUR with your credit card.

Coinhouse is providing this service and Changelly is also pretty easy to use, that’s why the fees are pretty high. Here’s how to proceed:

(1) If not done yet, create a secure Ethereum address using My Ether Wallet, you will need it to hold your RLC tokens. You can find a complete walk through in this article.

(2) Connect to

(3) If you want to use your credit card, select “USD” on the left, then follow the instructions.

How to buy/sell RLC using BTC or ETH?


Shapeshift allows you to switch from many cryptocurrencies to and from RLC. It is also very user-friendly.

(1) Select the token you want to deposit (on the left) and the token you want to receive.

(2) Give the address you want to receive your tokens

(3) Make a transaction to Shapeshift

(4) Then, the tokens are sent to your address: you’re done!

How to trade RLC using an exchange platform?

If you are a frequent user or an investor, you may want to buy/sell larger quantities at a better change rate and lower fees. Bittrex, Liqui, Gatecoin and HitBTC allows you to trade various RLC pairs such as RLC/BTC, RLC/ETH and RLC/USDT.

These are the instructions for Bittrex, but other platforms work similarly.

(1) Go to and sign up for an account.

(2) In the top-right menu, click on ‘wallets’.

(3) To deposit BTC, click on the ‘blue plus’ button on the left.

(4) You can click on ‘Hide zero balance’ to get a clearer view the assets you hold in your Bittrex wallet.

(5) Send some BTC to your newly created BTC wallet. If you do this for the first time I would advise to first send a small amount. Also remember to check the first and last characters of the address.

(6) Once your balance in BTC appears, click on ‘BTC markets’ (top-left), and search for RLC, then click on RLC (the link is on the left) or just use this link.

(7) There you can buy or sell RLC.

  • Indicate the amount of RLC you want to buy (‘Units’),
  • Choose the price (‘Bid’) : if you don’t know what price you should sell your BTC, just click on ‘Price’, then on ‘last’’ and press the ‘Buy iExec’ button : your order is now active!

(8) Go back to your wallets, click on ‘minus’ to withdraw your RLC tokens to your Ethereum address so you’re 100% sure you (and only you) control your RLC tokens.

One last thing: when you leave your money on these platforms, you don’t have control over it. Exchange platforms are one of the favorite targets of attackers for obvious reasons. That’s why I strongly recommend to withdraw your RLC tokens from exchanges to a secured Ethereum address so that YOU own your RLC tokens and nobody else.

This article can be useful to make sure you handle your tokens following the current best practices.

Our #trading channel in Slack is pretty active, you can always find interesting advice on managing and trading crypto assets.

And you always can send us an email at if you meet any difficulty.