iExec and Cloud&Heat Partnership: Towards Greener Cloud Computing

Lyon/Dresden, January 31, 2018. iExec and Cloud&Heat have signed a partnership agreement to provide greener computing solutions. iExec is currently working on the integration of computing units provided by Cloud&Heat. By joining the iExec network, these machines will strengthen the iExec decentralized marketplace offering and computing capacity.

On the way to a green cloud computing

Cloud&Heat develops individual computer centre solutions and cloud infrastructures in Dresden. The wasted heat of servers is used to heat buildings and provide hot water, without impairing the performance of computer systems.

Cloud&Heat is therefore living the German “way of cloud” and offers customized Private and Public Cloud solutions based on high-efficient and water-cooled hardware, powered by OpenStack.

The company meets the highest requirements concerning reliability, data protection, and process stability. Thanks to an innovative water-cooling system, heat generated by servers is not wasted but recycled to heat office and business premises. This leads to record-breaking low energy values cutting cloud operative costs by up to 50%.

A strong decentralized computing ressources network

With this new partnership, iExec demonstrates once more its willingness to establish a strong network of decentralized computing providers with a green and sustainable positioning. After Stimergy, the partnership with Cloud&Heat is an additional step towards our collaboration strategy with a large panel of green computing providers.

iExec is building a decentralized and global cloud marketplace, where anyone can rent out idle processing power or dedicated machines for profit. This ensures data is computed close to the user, at an affordable rate and in a scalable fashion. Collecting available computer resources from all over the world will ultimately result in a completely new Internet, in which anyone can be a resource provider.

Cloud&Heat Server Racks, Powered by Megware and Intel

Decentralizing the cloud

iExec has recently announced the release of a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be used by developers to build compute-intensive applications. The startup is now welcoming cloud providers to be part of its network, and Cloud&Heat has answered the call.

The partnership with Cloud&Heat will power a new generation of blockchain-based applications in the fields of 3D rendering, machine learning, IoT, fintech or scientific calculations.

“To set up testing processes, iExec had to rent machines from Cloud&Heat. To make this possible, C&H issued an invoice in RLC. This is a historic achievement as it marks the first invoice ever to be paid in RLC to a cloud provider joining the iExec marketplace!” announced Blaise Cavalli, Business Developer at iExec.
The first invoice in RLC

About iExec

iExec re-invents cloud computing by building a decentralized marketplace where everyone can monetize their applications, servers, and data-sets. Blockchains cannot support the kind of computational needs that many dApps will require, and this problem will only compound exponentially as more dApps release their working platforms and products. Blockchains need a solution that allows them to compute off-chain and bring only the results on-chain. iExec is that solution.

About Cloud&Heat

Cloud&Heat Technologies has operated IT infrastructure based on its own hardware solutions and powered by OpenStack, the cloud operating system, since 2012. The utilization of waste heat from servers saves heating and cooling energy, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to a uniquely efficient hot water cooling system, this approach does not impair the performance of computer systems.