iExec Dev Letter #8: Software Development Kit — 20 Sep 2017

Welcome to the bi-weekly iExec Development Letter. This letter will focus on the first release of the iExec software development kit (iexec-sdk).

iExec allows Ethereum developers to create applications that can be executed off-chain. This software package brings all the tools to develop, deploy and execute Dapps on Ethereum and iExec. Using these tools, you will be able to deploy any legacy applications in the iExec infrastructure, and execute them through calls to Ethereum smart contracts.

Today, we release the first version of iexec-sdk on GitHub.

Would you like to try it out? We invite you to go through our Katakoda tutorial and launch your first off-chain computation — online and without installing any software. You’ll see, it’s very simple and fun to try!

iExec “Hello World” tutorial

What’s next ?

The iexec team is now working on the following features:

  • Multi-users authentication using Ethereum and json web token.
  • Extend the SDK to support application deployment. This will allow anyone to plug their own application. However, until it’s ready, you’re welcome to join the slack where we’ll be happy to assist you.
  • The iexec explorer. We’re developing a tool similar to Etherscan so that developers can visualize the various steps in their off-chain computation.
  • And of course many internal developments to provide a reliable and secure infrastructure.