iExec Partners with Scontain to Enable Secure Execution of DApps using Intel® SGX Enclaves

Wassim Bendella
Nov 9, 2018 · 2 min read

November 9, 2018. Lyon, France. iExec and Scontain have partnered to enable the secure execution of blockchain solutions using enclave technology. With this collaboration comes the release of iExec v2.3.

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The Release of iExec v2.3

Last week, iExec announced a major release: the iExec End-to-End (E2E) Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) utilizing Intel® SGX. This iExec v2.3 release marks a significant achievement for decentralized computing.

iExec v2.3 provides a concrete and applicable business solution to secure blockchain-based applications. The solution aims to ensure that a user’s input and output data, as well as application data, are end-to-end protected.

Trust can therefore be achieved even though computations are executed on a decentralized network of untrusted nodes.

The SCONE Framework

A key component of the iExec End-to-End (E2E) Trusted Execution Solution is the interface between the encrypted data and the enclaves. iExec’s Trusted Execution Solution is based on the SCONE framework, provided by Scontain. This framework enables the secure execution of containers and programs using Intel® SGX.

iExec has worked closely with the SCONE team, which is led by Christof Fetzer. Christof is the CTO of Scontain UG and a researcher at the Dresden University of Technology. The partnership between iExec and Scontain defined the must-haves for SCONE to be compatible with the iExec marketplace.

A Solution for Enterprises

The software stack used by iExec is compliant with the latest EEA Trusted Compute Specification for blockchain solutions. As detailed in the blogpost by Intel, iExec was one of the major contributors of this documentation.

iExec will continue working with SCONE to offer trusted computing solutions, providing full protection for all blockchain-based executions and any sensitive data involved.

Specifically, the next steps of our work together will tackle the challenge for future versions of iExec. The release of V3 will provide protection for sensitive data involved in monetizing datasets.

About Scontain

The SCONE framework by Scontain runs programs inside secure enclaves preventing even attackers with root access from stealing secrets from these programs. The SCONE framework helps configure programs with secrets that can neither be read nor modified by attackers.

About iExec

Since April 2017, iExec has pioneered blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing. The company based in Lyon, France released the first ever decentralized marketplace for trading cloud computing power in May 2018. iExec uses the blockchain to organize a market network where everyone can monetize their servers, applications, and data-sets.



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