iExec Project Update #08 — V3 Will Be Released on May 15

iExec is a decentralized marketplace for trading cloud resources. The much-anticipated iExec V3 will be released on May 15 to include the monetization of datasets and enable new business models. Our calendar is full of surprises and announcements that will start on the day of V3, and be slowly rolled out in the weeks afterward.

Before that though, let’s take a moment to reflect on what happened in recent weeks to prepare the road ahead. In this update, we will look at:

  • Recent events, meetups, workshops, hackathons
  • Recent partnerships: Alibaba Cloud, H7, B9lab, Ubisoft, BPI
  • Milestones achieved on the dev side
  • Press mentions and community engagement

Recent events, meetups, workshops, hackathons

iExec @ EthCC 2019

iExec sponsored the annual gathering of Ethereum developers in Paris: EthCC 2019. The team got involved in many different ways:

One of the major features enabled by iExec’s V3 is the ability to rent or share datasets. Our CEO, Gilles Fedak, explained on March 5 how this new paradigm is possible in a talk titled “How Intel SGX and Ethereum Can Be Leveraged to Monetize Datasets”.

Our Ethereum developer Francois Branciard gave a talk on March 5 titled “Substrate Meets iExec: How to Build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain”. As a 2nd layer protocol in the Web3 technology stack, iExec is building on Substrate, with the ultimate goal of having an autonomous chain with its own governance.

EthCC was also a unique opportunity for learning new skills through workshops for developers and researchers. Our whole technical team gathered on March 7 to delivered a practical session on how to build your own decentralized application, and monetize our computing resources on iExec’s marketplace.

Right after EthCC, a weekend-long hackathon was organized at the coding school 42. Congrats to our research engineer Hadrien Croubois for winning the ETH Paris Binance Hackathon and the ENS prize! Read more about Hadrien’s winning proposal for improving the ERC725 standard here.

iExec & LYON iS Ai

On February 28, iExec co-organized a meetup with LYON iS Ai, with talks on AI and blockchain. Our guest Olivier Nérot explored how these two technologies can support a new bottom-up structured society. Keynotes were followed by 2 workshops: a hands-on iExec’s code and a design thinking session that took us to 2024!

iExec @ The European Commission

On March 28, iExec was present in front of regulators, politicians and industry leaders at the European Commission in Brussels. The goal was to show how the convergence of AI and blockchain could impact Europe. The follow-up from the intervention of our CIAO Jean-Charles Cabelguen can be read here.

Recent partnerships: Alibaba Cloud, H7, B9lab, Ubisoft, BPI

iExec & Alibaba Cloud (RSA 2019)

iExec was invited by Intel to attend the RSA Conference 2019, and moved forward collaborations with Intel and Alibaba Cloud. RSA is the world’s leading information security event, and aims to encourage collaboration within the industry to to find security solutions for current cyber threats.

The collaboration between Alibaba Cloud and iExec was covered in a talk by Xiaoning LI, Chief Security Architect at Alibaba Cloud. We’re particularly proud to announce that iExec’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) solution can now be run on an Alibaba Cloud trusted worker pool.

iExec & H7

iExec is now an official partner of H7 as a Blockchain Technology Expert. H7 is the largest place dedicated to startups in Lyon, that has opened doors on April 1st. We’ll help entrepreneurs and businesses on how to implement blockchain technology to create more value or build innovative and unique products.

iExec & B9lab

iExec and B9lab have signed a partnership to provide an introductory course to iExec’s SDK, which will be included in B9lab’s “Community Blockstars” 9-week course. This material will be delivered to 500 developers looking to master the skills of coding on Ethereum.

iExec & Ubisoft

iExec was once again with Ubisoft, this time for a workshop session with other game developers from EverdreamSoft and Caregame. Interesting discussions were had on how iExec could integrate blockchain-based decentralized computing into gaming. Watch this space! 👾

iExec & BPI

Finally, iExec was selected as a winner of the “Investment for the Future” programme by BPI, the French public investment bank, in order for iExec to adapt its offering to enterprises.

An amount of 2 million euros is to be invested in the iExec Enterprise Edition. 45% of the funding is subsidized in the form of a grant from BPI.

Milestones achieved on the dev side

Dev Letter #28

For the release of iExec’s V3, the iExec Software Development Kit (SDK) has been given a major upgrade, allowing for increased security as well as improvements to developer workflow.

Dev Letter #29

V3 is marked by significant advancements in technical features and new services for doing business. Find out how we upgraded the iExec infrastructure to a whole new level in our last issue.

DApp of the Week #08

How does iExec leverage blockchain and TEE to make healthcare data sharing secure and monitorable? Discover how the new paradigm of “data renting” is made possible by exploring a medical use case.

Press mentions and community engagement

  • The iExec and Intel collaboration was featured in BreakerMag, in a piece exploring the most inspiring IoT use cases enabled by blockchain and 5G connectivity.
  • Blockchain Technology Will Be Part of the Future of Cloud Computing” is an article by iExec’s co-founder Haiwu HE, published in both print and digital formats, one of the top ranking science outlets supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The English-translated version can be read here.
  • CoinMarketCap has integrated the FCAS rating system on its website, which considers user activity, development, and maturity fundamentals. iExec was rated in the top 50 out of 1000 blockchain projects!
  • iExec was featured on Blockfolio’s blog and newsletter! Feel free to enable notifications on the Blockfolio app to be the first to receive instant alerts on the latest news and releases from iExec!

T-1 month for V3, things are heating up! 🔥

We have spent the last year working on V3 and building secure solutions for data sharing and monetization. This work has culminated in a series of new developments. Our calendar is full of surprises and announcements that will start on the day of V3, and slowly be rolled out in the weeks afterward. Get ready for new use cases, and get your datasets ready for listing on our brand-new upcoming Data Store!

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