iExec Project Update 19: Pre-V4 News Review — 1 week to go!

Blair Maclennan
Dec 6, 2019 · 7 min read

November was a huge month for iExec. The team is getting ready for the upcoming release: iExec V4 on December 13. Before that though, we would like to give a recap on why exactly this version is so important. We’ll then review some of the most exciting announcements from November.

iExec V4 has been described as Easier, Faster, Cheaper and More Powerful cloud computing.

Easier: The V4 upgrade will bring improvements to User Experience and User Interface making it a much smoother process to onboard users and partners. More on this in the following days!

Faster and Cheaper: The iExec sidechain will allow buyers and sellers to trade computing resources with less latency and with zero gas fees.

More Powerful: For V4, the iExec Marketplace will allow access to GPU computing. This helps accelerate workloads and enables new business applications requiring high-performance computing.

For the release, and the days and weeks that follow, our calendar is full of content. We’ll continue to detail the recent upgrades, integrations, and collaborations surrounding iExec V4.

(🤫Pssst we’ve got an exciting marketing campaign with an exchange coming up this week — more details before the V4 release day)

November Partnerships

Let’s take a look back at some of the news on iExec business relations, including joining new consortiums among some international global tech companies while working with regional communities across the globe.

iExec joins the Confidential Computing Consortium

We are honored to announce that iExec is now an official member of the Confidential Computing Consortium.

The organization gathers major tech companies including Alibaba, Baidu, IBM, Intel, Google, and Microsoft to improve enterprise standards.

Formed by @linuxfoundation in October, the consortium addresses the increasing importance of confidential computing as enterprises demand more security. Especially as they now use multiple computing environments, from on-premise to public cloud to edge. iExec is proud to a part of the elite consortium and we are looking forward to seeing what collaborative work will come from this.

In the media:

About the Cloud Computing Consortium:

The Members:

iExec x Cloud Computing Consortium on Name coin news

Blockchain EXE partners with iExec

Blockchain EXE is the largest blockchain community in Japan promoting the adoption of the technology. Since the launch of overseas activities in New York in 2018, the organization has successfully built an international ecosystem to bring overseas knowledge to Japan. The aim of the partnership between Blockchain EXE and iExec is encouraging awareness, development, and adoption of blockchain technology globally. iExec and Blockchain EXE will work towards building online and offline communities by hosting events such as meetups and hackathons in Japan, Europe, and the US, as well as disseminating technical information through social media networks. Learn more on the Blockchain EXE blog:

RLC Token News

The past weeks have seen a lot of interesting news surrounding the RLC token, the native cryptocurrency of iExec. From new pairings to announcements of new liquidity programs. (🤫Pssst we’ve got an exciting marketing campaign with an exchange coming up this week — more details before the V4 release day)

Token Economics of the RLC Token:

The iExec team recently reviewed token economic mechanisms for the RLC token. In considering a fair price for the token, we explored concepts such as staking, monetary equations, holder trend data, token velocity, serviceable market size and more.

The RLC/USDT Pair is Now Available on Binance

After recognizing an increased interest in the project, the world’s biggest digital asset trading platform, Binance, announced that it will now support a trading pair between the RLC token and USDT. You can purchase the native token to iExec using a stable currency. Learn more in their blopost:

Hummingbot Partnership

iExec is partnering with HummingBot the launch of their new ‘liquidity mining’ platform. This will be a whole new approach to improving liquidity of the RLC token. Stay tuned for details of the plans together. The campaign will begin mid-January.

Hackathons using the iExec development stack

iExec recently mentored teams during three separate hackathons, where devs built using the iExec stack:

Blockchain City Challenge

iExec was a technology partner in the Blockchain City challenge in Lyon alongside Consensys and Share & Charge. We were mentoring the teams participating in the hackathon.

The objective was to build blockchain and IoT solutions for smart cities.

iExec Developer Training Bounties

This month also saw the conclusion of the second round of iExec developer training bounties. Of the submissions, successful implementations included applications such as a Bank Card Payment Validator, a Package Tracker, an Ethereum Weather Station, and the Ethereum Anemometer.

China shows increased interest in Blockchain and iExec technology

Delegation of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech supporting Blockchain tech in China, iExec, as a blockchain tech company innovating in both China and the West has been receiving daily requests from Chinese local government and organizations for consulting and training.

the iExec HQ was visited by a delegation of senior engineers, professors and researchers organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China. Chinese team members, Lei Zhang and Yigu Lin presented the latest iExec technology and our position within the blockchain industry.

Chongqing delegation

iExec also met a delegation from Chongqing city at the Smart City Expo in Lyon. 5G technology, blockchain, and big data were the highlights of the entire event. Companies including Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei and Intel exhibited their latest smart technologies.

Updates on the iExec Team members

Anthony joins iExec as a Research Scientist
Anthony holds a PhD in Computer Science and previously worked as a researcher at Inria and Rutgers University. Anthony joined iExec to lead scientific activities and partnerships, including collaborations with academics. Anthony is also responsible for the dissemination of results in scientific publications and securing funding for supporting the company’s innovation.

PhD, and former researcher at INRIA, Anthony joined iExec to lead partnerships and collaborations. Another focus is on securing funding for supporting iExec’s innovation. Anthony also manages all of the company’s scientific projects and activities. Go follow him:

Julien Béranger
Julien will be leaving the company. He will be taking a new entrepreneurial direction. This new move will not be involving iExec. We thank Julien for his hard work and loyalty with iExec. An OG since the beginning of the project and ICO days, we wish Julien the best of luck with his future endeavors!

Rémi Burgel joins iExec as a smart-contract developer

Remi joined the iExec team with the initial principal focus on the iExec sidechain solution.

With a strong background in smart-contract development, Remi contributed to the Ethereum ecosystem, aiding in the construction of the ERC20 token standard. In 2016 Remi started the company B2Expand as CTO with three other collaborators. After a successful ICO at the end of 2016, they launched Beyond the Void, a blockchain-based game in which players have the true ownership of their virtual assets. After three years as CTO and smart contract developer, Remi made the decision to join iExec to share his experience on decentralized technologies and to expand his knowledge while contributing to the iExec infrastructure.

Interested in following the iExec project? What’s next?
iExec V4
(the high-performance computing version with GPU support) will be released on December 13th. The fourth version is all about scalability, giving iExec a real competitive edge.

To be the first to know and get exclusive updates, subscribe to the iExec newsletter and follow on social media.

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