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Intel and iExec Collaboration: Privacy-Preserving Offchain Computing

Intel and iExec have started a collaboration on privacy-preserving offchain computing. In a joint presentation with Intel, iExec has performed a live demonstration of its product using Intel SGX solutions.

iExec, the leader in blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing has been making efforts to deploy several mechanisms to improve the security of the iExec decentralized cloud. Intel SGX technology fully meets the security requirements of the iExec decentralized platform. iExec is the first company in the cloud and blockchain industry to leverage Intel SGX technology.

This collaboration was initiated in the context of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), iExec and Intel both being members of the Alliance. The two companies have launched a new EEA working group focusing on off-chain capabilities. Privacy has been a long-running issue in the development of the blockchain ecosystem. iExec and Intel’s collaboration is one more step towards the full adoption of Ethereum blockchain for businesses.

On May 16, 2018 Intel has presented the project at Consensus conference in New York during the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance workshop. This is one of the most important international meetings related to blockchain technology. iExec will perform a demonstration of an application running on the iExec decentralized cloud and integrating Intel SGX technology.

“Intel SGX is the only technology that can protect data in use through hardware based server security. We believe this amazing technology can significantly enhance the security of iExec’s decentralized cloud. We’re proud to make this technology accessible for everyone.”, states Lei Zhang, responsible of R&D on Security at iExec.

The decentralized application demoed is a stock-prediction application that processes financial data to obtain forecasts on financial markets. SGX-enabled workers allow users to run the application in a fully decentralized way while preserving the privacy of the processed data. The SGX enclaves have the capacity to store a secret in an untrusted environment.

“iExec is the pioneer to employ Intel SGX technology to enhance the security in a blockchain-based ecosystem, and we are thrilled to start this collaboration with Intel. Preserving the privacy in the context of a decentralized cloud infrastructure is a major challenge for the whole industry. We’re proud to work closely with Intel to overcome this challenge.” announces Gilles Fedak, CEO of iExec.



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