Introducing Jean-Charles Cabelguen, Chief Innovation & Adoption at iExec

Jean-Charles Cabelguen is joining iExec as Chief Innovation & Adoption, focusing on implementing blockchain strategy in industry and on developing global awareness for iExec.

Gilles Fedak
Oct 4, 2017 · 3 min read

Jean-Charles has a PhD in Science from ENSAM ParisTech and 12 years of experience working on international business development interacting with big players like EDF, Areva, Cegelec. As a digital entrepreneur, he also worked on go-to-market strategies and marketing campaign with more than 80 companies.

“Our meetings gave me the opportunity to appreciate his ability to accompany the group in its international development and to deal with high level issues and top management people.” Simon Azoulay, CEO and Founder of Alten Group (revenue in 2016: 1.8b€, 24 000 employees)

Jean-Charles is a mix between a geek and a suit guy. His track record involves both transforming business models for startups, and finding the right strategy for a major group to commence its deployment in Asia. Jean-Charles has a very solid experience with the Chinese market and is very knowledgeable about Chinese culture, society and corporate organization.

New and futuristic technologies that represent paradigm shifts bringing major benefits to human society is, above all, what empassions him. For him blockchain is more than a technology, it is a strategy to build open-sourced societies. From there he has further investigated the adoption of blockchain by various industries.

Lately Jean-Charles has been contacted by the French business schools IPAG and INSEEC to introduce blockchain technology and concepts to Master students in Marketing and Communication. His lectures focus mostly on the impact of technologies on social scalability and tokenized societies.

Jean-Charles on joining iExec

My major task is to create the needed visibility to deploy the product worldwide. I see precisely how iExec will be a major component for breakthrough projects in AI, green IT, fog computing, IoT…

Focusing on the products and uses will allow us to provide exciting news for investors and efficient tools for developers. Working hand in hand with companies from all over the world will also be key to promote the adoption of adding blockchain to IT trends. That is also why I will represent iExec in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

iExec is deeply about providing sustainable solutions for the future using state-of-the-art tools with an overriding purpose of creating genuine and massive transformations. I am honored to be part of this profound change and will do my utmost to craft and implement every possible strategy to support it.”

We are happy to add an executive manager to iExec. His background and energy will be strong assets to raise the awareness of iExec and to sustain our ambitions.

Give Jean-Charles a very warm welcome!


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