TFCloud joins as Provider for the iExec Market Network — May 29, 2018

Lyon, France, May 29th, 2018. iExec and TFCloud have signed a partnership agreement towards providing decentralized cloud solutions. TFCloud will become a resource provider for iExec’s decentralized computing resource marketplace upon the release of V2, May 29th.

The first Chinese resource provider of the iExec marketplace.

iExec continues to gather resource providers that will be the first workers on the iExec market network. With Tsinghua University, China Telecom, Bank of Shanghai, Oppo, Protruly, China Citi Bank, Wanda Group, Henfeng Bank, China Minsheng bank, China Union Pay as customers, TFCloud is an established Cloud provider in China. The Chinese company will deploy their machines on the iExec network making their resources available to application providers and users who wish to execute computations on the iExec marketplace.

TFCloud: Affordable Computations at Scale.

TFCloud, formerly known as UnitedStack, is the first golden member of the OpenStack Foundation and the first company in the Chinese industry that provides a private cloud service. The company offers clients both managed cloud and distributed storage services.

TFCloud has provided cloud services to over 300 clients since 2013. As of the merger and acquisition of Tongfang, TFCloud has received more orders from the military, manufacturing, government, energy, communications and education industry. The annual renewal rate of clients increases progressively year by year. At present, TFCloud has formed a national sales network, with branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Harbin and more. TFCloud will actively cooperate with OpenStack community in the North American area and continue to expand their business internationally and realize the globalization of TFCloud.

“Tongfang has the end products, cloud computing products, and internal management software and platform software. Later, it will provide public cloud services by to the users. Ultimately, we can also provide software development and cloud application development both internally and externally on the basis of the cloud” said Li Jianhang, COO of TFCloud.

TFCloud offers a one-stop service for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platforms. At the application level, it offers an end-to-end service tailored to specific requirements of their clients. As state-owned enterprise, TF cloud is favoured by local Chinese administrations.

Powering the First Decentralized Marketplace for Computing Resources

iExec will announce the release of its Version 2 on May 29, 2018: it’s the first ever decentralized marketplace for computing power. Users are able to trade computing power just like any other commodity. Blockchain allows for a completely free and open marketplace, decentralized with zero fees and without any middleman influencing trade. When a deal is sealed on the marketplace, the computations are executed off-chain before iExec’s consensus protocol, ‘Proof-Of-Contribution’ (PoCo), validates them back on the blockchain. TFCloud will be one of the first ‘workers’ on the network after the release of the marketplace in V2. Soon, any machine will be able to become a worker and earn RLC for their contributions.

Today, TFCloud joins the initial group of private workers powering computations executed on the iExec network.

About iExec

iExec is the blockchain-based decentralized cloud. The company based in Lyon, France is building the first ever decentralized marketplace for cloud computing power that is now tradeable just like any other commodity. It’s an innovative market network where everyone can monetise their applications, servers and data-sets.

About TFCloud

TFCloud Computing Technology CO., Ltd was founded in July, 2011. It is the information industry-kind first grade sub-company of Tsinghua Holdings CO., Ltd as the important practitioner of “Tsinghua TONGFANG” Cloud Strategy. TFCloud Computing Technology has established the high quality collaboration successively with multiple platforms of first-class universities, including Tsinghua University Insurance and Big Data Research Center, Tsinghua University Data Science Academy, Tsinghua University Big Data Science Union, and Tsinghua University 4.0 Research Center, etc.

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