Basic human life: Basic functioning of humans and their purpose in life.- You simply need to be born, wonder, research, and add your science to the field (this will be your work, your job). There is not much more a human will have to do in life. You will do this with your preferences, and your free will. This is also your human right.

There is a simple framework for everyone's life. We are humans, thus, biology. We can study biology, thus we can find out who we are as humans. We can find the functioning of humans and life. We can study the universe, earth, life, humans, and our personal life, and all we could do and think like humans, and all we could do on earth, and in the universe. We can study all human will experience, and find our preferences and absolute truth in it. We can find absolute truth in all things we study, with the scientific process, which means to be a formula in the science of finding absolute truth, which is a thinking process to get to absolute truth. We have a development with everything in the universe. We, also, have development on earth in life, and we have development as humans, also personal development. During your personal development you learn about the universe, earth, life, and humans, and about all science already found on this. You can add your science, you can add to the collective knowledge humans have. You will be born, wonder, research, and add to the collective knowledge, there is not much more to do. You will work with this collective knowledge, the entire world made together, as one family, as Homo Sapiens. We are the only species working this way, and it helps us survive as the longest species ever (Christian, and Baker, N.D.).

1. So, you just need to be born, you are born with human rights (Ruggiero, et al., N.D.), and you will wonder.

2. People have to let you do what you want, without violating other people’s human rights.

3. You simply need to find your own preferences.

4. Then, wonder, on those topics you wonder about, and like to research. Then, research, create hypotheses, fitting experiments (without violating ethics, human rights and other laws), and share results. Which you can put into journals.

5. Over time you will know all about the topic you wonder about and the science it belongs to. Over time you will add science to this field. Over time you can work with the knowledge you have found.


All jobs belong to a science. All we wonder about belongs to a science. You can always study on finding the absolute truth, which science means to do, in a science process, from opinions, experiences, theses, to research theses, to hypotheses and finding absolute truth in the end. Placing these truths in the total humans have found out. The absolute truth will have math formulas.

All theories are opinions, and might be true, but are not yet absolute truth.

You will have to use absolute truth and will be in the science process to find absolute truth.

The science process includes academic skills, processing all information on the topic, processing all information already made on the topic, redo science, and place the found science, and citing sources.

So, simply you just need to be born, wonder, research and add “your work”.

A person has “not much” to do in their lives. Their development is enough. Humans are also a part of total human development.

Humans will be born totally dependent, wonder, research, and study their entire life. At a point, they will add science too and can find absolute truth, using all research theses on topic, finding a fitting experiment to prove their ideas, and will create a math formula to explain the math, and how this outcome always is true, and for everyone.

Humans always guess, they are never sure but will be able to find “the absolute truth”.

Despite humans can only guess, and are never sure, because they have their senses in between their brain and the outside world (Purves, N.D.), they can find the absolute truth in a scientific process. Science is a process, so this will not always be found in the same lifetime. We use collective knowledge in the science process.

In development, there is a standard development, cumulative development also, with the standard development, and development to a bigger complex.

There is only one thing for sure in the universe and that is change. The universe will change, life will change, the people will change. There is in any way change, also an evolution, and our development during life (Christian, and baker, N.D.; Verhulst, 2008.).

This development you also have in your studies, and in your work. — You can see in all development a core.

  • Born totally depending, you will wonder, experience, and want to answer questions
  • Then, you will research and address your mind, with your own research, and with processing the research of all others. You will use the collective knowledge. In this process, there is a process of opinions, experiences, and observations, then researching what one wonders about this, and finding answers with research. Then, use all research theses, and create hypotheses, with fitting experiment and proof if this idea one made with all the research theses is true or not true.
  • Then, you will share your findings and can work with these findings.

You will use your senses and the Homo Sapiens features in this process of development.

  • speech
  • art
  • handling more of the same kind(compared to other species)
  • Collective knowledge

(Christian and Baker, N.D.)


Verhulst, F. (2008) De ontwikkeling van het kind. NL: DR: Assen: VanGorcum.

Christian, D., and Baker, D. (N.D.) Big History: Connecting Knowledge. Macquarie University through Coursera. Retrieved from

Ruggiero, R., et al. (N.D.) Children’s Human Rights — An Interdisciplinary Introduction. The University of Geneva through Coursera. Retrieved from

Purves, D. (N.D.) Visual Perception and the Brain. Duke University through Coursera. Retrieved from




I decided to add Big Humanity to If I was a president, for now. Big Humanity is the academic field I made, and I am the “president” of. If I was a president is about what I would do as a president. There I use all my information from BH

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