Basic human life: Basic functioning of humans and their purpose in life.- You simply need to be born, wonder, research, and add your science to the field (this will be your work, your job). There is not much more a human will have to do in life. You will do this with your preferences, and your free will. This is also your human right.

There is a simple framework for everyone's life. We are humans, thus, biology. We can study biology, thus we can find out who we are as humans. We can find the functioning of humans and life. We can study the universe, earth, life, humans, and our personal life, and all we could do and think like humans, and all we could do on earth, and in the universe. We can study all human will experience, and find our preferences and absolute truth in it. We can find absolute truth in all things we study, with the scientific process, which means to be a formula in the science of finding absolute truth, which is a thinking process to get to absolute truth. We have a development with everything in the universe. We, also, have development on earth in life, and we have development as humans, also personal development. During your personal development you learn about the universe, earth, life, and humans, and about all science already found on this. You can add your science, you can add to the collective knowledge humans have. You will be born, wonder, research, and add to the collective knowledge, there is not much more to do. You will work with this collective knowledge, the entire world made together, as one family, as Homo Sapiens. We are the only species working this way, and it helps us survive as the longest species ever (Christian, and Baker, N.D.).

So, simply you just need to be born, wonder, research and add “your work”.

Humans always guess, they are never sure but will be able to find “the absolute truth”.

In development, there is a standard development, cumulative development also, with the standard development, and development to a bigger complex.

This development you also have in your studies, and in your work. — You can see in all development a core.

You will use your senses and the Homo Sapiens features in this process of development.



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