Big Humanity- Human development, your own development, and finding your most natural true self and most natural true questions to research, by also researching yourself, besides the scientific laws.

Big Humanity: Finding the absolutes and translate them into daily life, using science, which means to seek nature in things. Also, you can research how we find the truth the best in Big Humanity, as all is about finding the true absolutes in life, and how this affects our daily life. Finding the function of everything in daily (human) life.

For my Big Humanity, an academic field I made after studying Big History and to create this as a part of Big History, I worked on finding the Essence all humans need. Also, on finding, what curriculum is a must to study first. Adding science to finding the best curriculum and best Essence, with research, so this will be evidence-based and in the end an absolute, a scientific law, so we know we truly found the truth.

Force will create crimes and DSM, and will not let someone be who they are, the same in our science if we do not find our true selves, thus the natural questions we have, how can we then find the best nature in things? So I want to work naturally as possible and let science be true science, which seeks for all nature in things, and the true math about that nature, finding formulas, that will explain how this truth always will be, for everyone, at all times.

I think we need to find the evidence-based science on how one should study the best ways and research details of human development, who we should be, thus the study of input, and how to restore humans after bad input, so we can find the best questions in life to answer, and thus study with research.

But also, this has to be researched, it can be we change everything over time because we want to do the absolute best.

  • translating the scientific laws into daily life,
  • also is about finding the true nature of humans, and human life,
  • and about how we develop best, what are best options are as humans, in this big history, coming from evolution and the big bang, and the universe, now into modern life, going into a future, where our lives depend on how well we do science and find the right questions to answer and research.

The way big history has thresholds, now we are within threshold 5–8, using all other thresholds as the way we got into human life, and go into the details of human life and development, with all the life sciences, for example, biology, chemistry, physics, and social sciences. Where at all times, we seek absolute truths, with science, which always seeks to find nature in things. And we will research from three basic points of views:

  • A baby’s/human development, and all science on development and all science about humans, also, the logical sciences, biology, chemistry, physics, and social sciences. Where the last has to be changed into highest study majors, adding life sciences as a basic, so we truly find truth in all sciences, and not work with a lack of science in social sciences. Which, has more reasons than only making it equal to the highest study majors. We need to find true science, and the lower majors have certain types attracted to easy studies and create not really science, but pseudoscience, some even use their opinions in courts to traffic people and get their work through a “laundry”, done. Where true science is not allowed to do this, it is unethical, so there will be a focus on ethics, besides sciences, and creating social sciences into the highest major. Also, human rights and all rights humans should have. Where good input, the best environment, and the best processing of input, will create the best output. Thus will be the basic in child and human development, becoming the true best self.
  • Your own (first) input from the outside, which also made you internal, and external awareness. And heal this with, for example, absolute rest and other evidence-based science, which needs to be absolutes and scientific laws at the end of the studies. So, you can find your true self, the true nature, and thus true science. The nature in science-> finding the nature in things, which is what science means to find. And the study on how do we find the truth? Does science truly bring you to the truth? Also, when you seek your own truths?
  • Questions. Learning to wonder, and find naturally, your true questions in life and science, and thus work.

So, there will be a lot of studies on consciousness, science, ethics, human rights, SEL, and academic skills, first. So, you can be your true self and find the true science questions, you want to study.

Also, you started depending, this study was not made yet, so you will realize how humans did survive and thus did the best to survive, yet, well it was good enough, thus you are here. You need to learn in life what is best, so you, your spouse, and family, and your children will survive too. All were depending and need to learn now what is best for humans, to do best for the next (grand) children. This is development humans go through. Humans need to learn to wonder about the things that are important. Humans need to come onto the best things to do. And then, they can share that knowledge with others.

So, you'll realize during the studies, how science works, and how nature works, finding the right questions to answer, and how this is a process, a logical human process, which will help them survive if this is done best.

Every part of Big Humanity needs to be studied, and over and over again. So, all people need to study scientific laws, humanity, human development, big history, sciences, and academic skills, also, ethics, SEL, and human rights, to make Big Humanity better over time, the way humans develop.

Also, the next topics are very important and will be worked on besides, three basics to start from, to go to the next questions to research on: 1. baby’s development, 2. your own first input, from the outside world, and healing yourself, 3. the questions, the true research questions in this field:

  • nature,
  • input processing, and the best environments for humans, and thus the best output of humans,
  • healing the brain and create your true self, and everything in your life to what should have happened,
  • your questions, your natural true self, and your natural true questions,
  • real true science, and the next questions.



I decided to add Big Humanity to If I was a president, for now. Big Humanity is the academic field I made, and I am the “president” of. If I was a president is about what I would do as a president. There I use all my information from BH

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