If I was a president… Unemployment, employment, and doing taxes differently.

It is actually not fair to take money from people. Also, criminals raised taxes to create income from jobs that are not needed. It is stealing, standing in between the people, take, forced, and then use it the way you want or some want.

The government is only for human rights, a leader in a government is someone saying they do that best, by asking for employment in that job. All people should get that same best, as the best possible. So, one wants to work as this human rights leader, leading a country, has to be the best possible in human rights.

All people should be independent, autonomous, authentic, doing their own private lives and families, that is well-being (Santos, N.D.), being developed, and being mature. We create that by giving everyone all access, all information, and let the people be authentic and autonomous, raising them authoritatively, approaching them through work authoritatively too, thus a government should be authoritative.

What would life be naturally, and still in its best way? What would life be if all we use was studied first? We will leave this earth knowing our kids have everything evidence-based, not just pseudoscience using something, if we study on this, and find the science-based evidence. What things have to be studied first and what not? What is the science on this?

If I was a president, I let everybody study this, this would make a country strong and a world leader, to have all that knowledge.

I would let everyone earn on that work, and make all sources free to access. All people can be employed, we just need to create a society in a better way.

Offering also a free k12, and university with all degrees options for free, besides the entire market of universities. So, one can get at least something good enough for free, to at least start working and to have access to all better jobs and income. They can at any time get degrees from the other universities, or when they have enough income to pay for it. As anyone would love the best knowledge from the world and going to other universities, having more degrees is always valuable. People would have more degrees, and more people would be degreed. Some just also freely.

With all this knowledge people can get better jobs, create better jobs and new jobs, innovate, work, and earn.

Also, adding journals and databases to a gov, makes the gov fairer, more correct, science-based, and creates jobs for everyone on the highest levels, everyone can add their science, and be valuable.

How do we make equality for every human? How do we do that without the taxes? Without the coin? How do we drive people without money? How do we make them autonomous and authentic? Is money truly grown-up? What other ways can we use to create more autonomous, authentic, and developing people?

People will automatically get jobs that can be created in that type of environment. So, some countries have the luck to have a better environment for better-paying jobs. How does that make the world equal? It does make all environments original and unique, but how to make this equal for all humans?

People need to be able to live everywhere and to work everywhere, so they can work on different local jobs too, related to the local environment.

If we found the best, wouldn't all countries do the same? We did not find the scientific laws into things, like gravity, all use that the same way.

We need the science on this. I would create employment in studies on this, so we would study first before we work, and so we work with the science evidence-based prove.

  • Science on what a government is, and what the boundaries are.
  • Science on the taxes and the boundaries of taking money from others.
  • Science on all other ways of trading, earning, without money.

People now worked the way the people used to live, but it was not tested out before we start working with it, so we actually have no clue what we are doing, we are just copying a past, and we kept a lot of things from that unscientific past.

But before we work we need to know how all works, what it all means, and what the effect will be, over time we need to keep studying the results and keep improving everything. This also creates more jobs, and higher literate jobs, with more income.

To include all, there must also be the best education to be available for free. So, all can join and can start from some point on that best level, with the best knowledge.

We need to know what it means to have a basic income. How long does it take before people, then, do work? How long does it take before people recover from their pasts, which was an unnatural environment? For example, forced into schools, and thus the people are who the human truly is? How long does it take to recover from this, to see the true human? And thus, to know what living with a basic income truly is. As only recovered people show the true science when we study them on basic income. Else we study not recovered people, people with an unnatural past, and from that point of view with a basic income. The outcomes will be biased.

Who are humans? Without work? Without money problems? Without the old system? Who is the human with all correct input and money have given? How much time should it take to get the best situation?

From what amount would pay taxes to be fair? What if it is never fair? Could we have a job per government, fitting their environment, where everyone in the world can choose to work, while all basic income and needs are done the same worldwide? What should profit be?

The science of the coin was not done before we introduced the coin. We just took life this way with a coin, because the coin was there, we are born with it. What if it is not there?

Science done after was a science that took the way life was with the coin, what should the truly scientific study be?

These studies can be in the science of money before the coin, and after, but also can be an example for all things we have and use in life today, but was not done science on before we used it. Using the science of the coin as a metaphor for all the science like this, just take it the way it is given to us.

Creating the true natural human life, what would that be? And, what would that be best?



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