My name Jiska Hachmer, and my work as, environmental psychologist consultant.

My name

I am from Johanna, and Carolina is my father's grandma's name and his first sister’s name. I am named after the next women in my dad's life because my father's mother shared the name of my mother, and my mother's name came first. Johanna was also my mom's grandma, on her father's side, as she is the youngest, she got not her mother's mother's name.

Johanna Carolina, Jean Charles, Jan Charles, Yahweh Charles, is what it would be most originally.

Jan, joannes, johannes, Joan. -> God is Gracious.

Jiska/ Jessica-> She sees God.

Charles, Carol, Carolina-> Full-grown man.

Hachmer/ Hechmer/ Haechmer/ Hach/ Hach/ Hakimyar -> The all wise, dominate love. Yara small butterfly. Yar, love, and something like oh lord. Where we live we change the letters, e is bright sea, a is dark sea, hochmeyer is high sea/lake.

My Linkedin…

My studies…

I am an environmental psychologist consultant, studying BSc. Health Science and want to be an MD/psychologist. My company is Essence and is about the core essence in environmental design, all people and companies need, the basic needs, human rights, ethics, sciences, SEL. Personal development, academic skills, development of children, families, and businesses. Where all need authoritative raising/ approach and most sophisticated ideas. Where the design will not cause DSM, nor crimes. I lead internationally people and teams, evidence-based, science-based.

There is a core in designing the best environments for people, and the environments people are in.

I also, research, write, and am creating psycho weather, all environmental influences on the brain, behavior, and feelings. To design better environments using the science on the weather and influences, and creating a “weather’, what the influences of today are…And thus cause thoughts and behaviors.

I made Big Humanity a part of Big History. School for the ombudscycle and OWO divisions.

My motivation…

I was a dancer, singer, doing theatre and music, and karaoke shows, disco shows and did light and music, and cinema techniques. I was going to Amsterdam Ballet High school but never got there. I changed into singing and music right before I would go. From ballet dancer to singer, and acting. I was a member of a theatre club. Music I loved, and was a singer-songwriter since 14, and won contests in singing and songwriting. I sang and hosted karaoke shows, since I was 16, and was a tour guide in a fortress, during summers. I went to the College of Art to theatre class around the same time, until I finished high school. I was auditioning, hired for cruise ships to host karaoke shows there, but had to wait 2 more years, because I was 18 and there alcohol rules on the ships. Performed every night as singer/ karaoke host, and with our drive-in show. Still did cinema nights and music and light technique too, while working as a bookkeeper during the day.

Traveled to Australia, all alone at 19, backpacked.

When I came back I was studying management in college, and working as a bookkeeper and keeping the same life up as before my backpacking, added a radio show (an hour on Saturday) telling about my Europe traveling, then got sick. Right before we would get bigger shows, and my music career was getting bigger. I suddenly slept 18 hours per day, gotten Fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. I had to quit all.

I wanted to be a music manager, after a singing career, writing my own songs.

I started writing books. Did an internship as a designer, for a few months. Designing windows, as a window dresser. I loved designing, but it was physically tough as a job.

Between 2003- 2005 I was totally ill. Then, I started my studies and tried working again as a bookkeeper, after a medic rehabilitation. I started my practice, as a NET practitioner, in Dutch: NEI practitioner.

During my pregnancy that year, I had bed rest, and the baby almost coming early. Right after that pregnancy, I got pregnant again and again had bedrest, but this time from 19th week of the pregnancy, and got pelvic disability from a 6 months bed rest(after pregnancy you can't walk at all, after such long bed rest and pelvic disability, and still need rest) and long time I was wheelchaired and recovering. A year later I could cycle 5 minutes. During my pregnancy I started elementary teaching, I still had no degree and had some years left from the Dutch study fund, I wanted to be a teacher for my kids, so, I could travel with them, and teach them, homeschooled, around the world, during my travel. I had a practice I wanted to work in, and we wanted to move abroad. I never fully recovered.

So, I had to change plans and had to combine my work, I could not do the same things constantly. The insurance plan I got, was a good plan, but I had to study for it, to earn my degree, as the degree system had started, and in the future, I would not get any job with no degree. My NET practitioner is an old Dutch college diploma, not a degree. I would combine writing, teaching, and elementary teacher/ later on psychology because I never recovered and had to switch studies. Elementary teaching had an internship I could not do with my disability.

I moved in the country to another region and the locals had many issues in education with kids, in elementary, lots of frauds and abuses to children. The locals also had fraud and abuse in the insurance for disabled and refused the plan already made, which is a legal plan, not an option.

I had a lovely home, lots of friends and family, and a good time with them, but my kids had a horrific time at school, had to change schools for that a few times, the Dutch gov advised, but never really solved it well enough. Also, the locals who had to do the national insurance plan for me, where this big block and abuse, and made me even more handicapped after physical abuse by a “doctor”. Nothing really solved. It got also more criminal in a region, with lots of deaths, in the end even my kid's school teacher was murdered, with her husband. We also got suddenly exploited in our home, which was a very peaceful home for 7 years, and the new owners were criminals.

We moved to another horrible region, where my kids got stolen with fraud by the locals, and we are totally exploited after exploitation and totally abused.

From the start, I noted the wrong teachers I studied on solving these ill teachers, and criminals, I became a leader and studied many diplomas, and still need my degree, as I was delayed by those locals, causing lots of damages, also in my studies.

At the same time, I was a finalist 2 years of I Wanna Be Famous, an online international contest from Las Vegas. That last year, my kids were finalists as well.

My psychology studies still not fixed by the insurance, I changed into MD studies, with first my BSc. Health Studies, I want to do an MD master afterward. I studied so much online, to know what was wrong in the studies, and what more I could study, and to solve the issues, but still need my degree. I found I love to be an MD, and an MD/psychologist.

Because of the issues with the local insurance, in the previous region, I had to suddenly, totally exploited, start my business. I made it an environmental psychology consultant job. Designing environments.

I had loved the design so much, and had studied a big part of that study as a hobby, had the internship some years ago, and in psychology, there is environmental psychology, which is designing. All my studies done, fitted into that job. And I needed a job right now, as I was transferred into the “own business welfare”, for the time the insurance had to be solved in court, after the many years I already was blocked and abused by those locals, that were extreme criminals.

I became an APA student member and was evaluated by the NMU on a PhD level, eligible to get my degree, for all the studies I have done. I only had no idea what title yet, and if I want to be a professor, making a hypothesis and experiment.

I designed the essence all need to do, human rights, ethics, sciences, SEL. Which is a logic core. With academic skills, honor code, and being a good example in the jobs, so others copy that good behavior. And have a basic foundation that all companies need to be a-z correct, and not creating crime, DSM. It is for Americans the logic, for Dutch news. Dutch are very low literate and with old diplomas, not even degrees.

I also, work on psycho weather. And kept studying. I got some specializations, still, need my degree.

I want to work with fMRI, EEG and do research. I want to write. And I got success in my music. All at the same time, my kids got stolen with fraud by these new locals. And simply because I asked for an adjustment, we were totally discriminated in education. And refused our rights, with many frauds around it. And it is human trafficking, exploitation after exploitation and no normal way any APA psychologist or any USA studied would behave like.

We wanted to get abroad and sweetly the board wanted to meet me, because of the troubles in this country around my kids I could not yet get there.

I am now student in the leader's program of APA. BSC. Health Science student and finishing my BEd, after all. I found a top-up with no internship.

Developed Big Humanity, as a part of Big History, to translate scientific laws into daily life. I am a Big History teacher as well. And I developed a school for ombudscycle, and OWO (one world for ombudscycle) divisions.

And will lead people to be precise with humans rights and ombudscycle, and will help in science with translations of scientific law into daily life, and creating scientific laws. I love to remain an APA member, get my Ph.D., and work for APA, in the divisions on making movies and CE courses.

So, none gets rumors biased myths lies and fraud world, ever again, and all solves for all kids and families. So, all get their human rights, scientific-based, and sciences, ethics, and SEL.

Where workplaces will be without crimes, and not causing damages, nor DSM.

It has been a long time of studies, and the next phase is a lot of work in the divisions, but also writing and making a new CD. I am also, still a singer-songwriter, and thanks to the people in my first region, who made that good insurance plan. I am actually totally handicapped, but with working from home, and combining all these things, I can be a lot. All my dreams came true, except that one with my kids. That is my next goal, now, because of these locals.



I decided to add Big Humanity to If I was a president, for now. Big Humanity is the academic field I made, and I am the “president” of. If I was a president is about what I would do as a president. There I use all my information from BH

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