An Indian meal with geography, politics, and history while you wait

Indian take-away or take-off — Heathrow August 2016 / gJphoto

I was driving home much later than I anticipated tonight and I picked up Ciara from her babysitting job. She was hungry and in such states, she asks, “Can we stop off at McDonalds?”

I , feeling the need to reward myself, said why don’t we get an Indian. I was aware that she had gone off Indian food since our flight back in the Summer with Air India and anticipated a no. I was surprised when she said, “ Ok”.

The restaurant was empty as it was late which meant it was an opportunity to work out a question that has bothering for some time, I wanted to know the source of the conflict between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The young waiter had informed me that he was Bangladeshi after I guessed he was Sri Lanka. For years I thought Pakistan and Bangladesh were neighbours though after seeing a map a while ago I realised they were not.

So my question was , “Why was Pakistan interested in Bangladesh?” The waiter related how Pakistan had attempted to colonise Bangladesh in the same way Britain occupied Indian. He had to point that out to me when I seemed puzzled as to why they would fly over India to colonise another country!

In the early 70’s Bangladesh took on the Pakistani army and won their independence.

I was hoping Ciara would have enjoyed the geography , politics and history but ‘o no’ she enjoyed the food more,


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