Easily excited or an eye brow raiser?

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My mind is still buzzing from participating in a Webinar last night. A Webinar I now know is when someone conducts a seminar via the internet.

Since the new year, I moved my writing from Google Blogspot to Medium. I had attended a creative writing course and one of the group suggested I move to a more current platform. One night I just ‘googled’ and liked what I saw with Medium so jumped on board.

One of the great things about Medium is everything is in one place, other bloggers and everything you comment on. In the 4 years I was on Blogspot I found it difficult to find another blog never mind interact with the writer. That said I can think of some people who seemed to make it work for them. I am grateful, as I hope I always am, for the start Blogspot gave me though Medium has launched me into a new sphere.

Jonas Ellison is a daily poster on Medium and his writing has gained quite a following. I did the usual random thing of choosing profiles that had some interest for me and his ‘Higher Thoughts’ was one of them. I hadn’t realised how popular he is though that is how I like it, find things for myself, “No jumping on bandwagons!” I tell myself.

As I say Medium makes it so easy to interact with the authors, click a heart to show your love and respond if you wish. I probably respond as much as I write as I have always something to say, usually.

Algorithms, my word for 2017, have worked out what I like to read so each day I have a ‘Daily Digest’ with 3 featured writers, one of who is Jonas the other two regulars are Shaunta Grimes and Erika Sauter.

Jonas decided to host a Webinar for anyone interested in advancing with Medium. Now I have seen Webinars advertised though I have never signed up, all felt like too much marketing and time-consuming. The difference this time was that through Medium I had built a connection with Jonas or what he would say, “ I became part of his tribe.”

I signed up as I thought it would be great to interact with 100 others. You can see that Medium gives potential to go further than just blog posting.

I was also taken by the idea of interacting at 8 00 pm UK time with people in Los Angeles at 12 noon, it took me a couple of days to work out the timing as the US has a number of time zones.

I rushed home from Ciara’s Ballet class, threw open the Mac and tried to link in. It didn’t happen though I kept trying and after a few options I was 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with them in Los Angeles. I tell you I felt like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix throwing myself into the portal and into another world. I know it is funny what excites me probably things that others raise their eyebrows and think, “Big deal Gordie!!”

In the 70 minutes that I caught, I learnt a lot, thanks, Jonas Ellison.

One thing I learnt is that Medium is intuitive, you have to feel your way around, try out buttons and keep trying. If you see anything bizarre it is a result of me feeling my way around.

It makes me think that perhaps I should be more intuitive about life, I don’t need to know everything before I start and if I get it wrong I will learn the way.