If life has two parts in which in one you are extrovert and in the other introvert which part are you now in?

Back alley into St Albans

Most Saturdays I find my way into St Alban’s town centre. Ciara was wanting to revise in the library ( Maths exam this month) so that brought me in earlier than usual.

If there was a hobby listed as ‘Townie’ I would be one. Since I was a child I have had a great need to visit the town centre. I do it so often that I recognise other ‘townies’.

I was walking up this back alley into St Albans when I bumped into an old acquaintance who I have not seen for a few years.

He was asking me the usual questions, “What I am up to?” “How are things?”

My answers must have conveyed that I was not particularly outgoing and he wanted to remedy that by inviting me, amongst other things, to play golf and go to the horse races.

I must have felt the need to counter his concern by saying I talk so much during the day that I need to recharge with quieter pursuits when I have free time.

The conversation made me realise that whereas he has become more outgoing I have become more inward.

I am more likely to be drinking cappuccino in a cafe than a beer in a pub, to be walking leisurely from one place to the next than round a golf course, to be listening to a radio play which involved horse-racing than watching it through binoculars, to be reading rather than partying and to be waiting silently on a Sunday rather than rocking in the aisles.

Perhaps needing to explain myself I told him the thoughts of Jung on the two parts of life. Jung believed life consisted of two parts, the former from birth to mid-life and the latter from mid-life to death.The relevance of this was that he believed those who were extroverts in the first part would become introverts in the second and vice versa.

Certainly, I would consider in my first part I was an extrovert and so it is not a surprise to me that in the second part I am more introvert. He then said it was the reverse for him so perhaps between the two of us we confirmed Jung’s theory.

How about you, do you confirm Jung’s theory or act to the contrary?