In the car, I can go crazy not in a concert hall

London Philharmonic at the Royal Festival Hall

In this last few months, I seem to be a frequent visitor to the garage as the car enters its 10th year. A week or so ago another light came on that I had never seen before which indicated some work was needed on the exhaust system. Jim, the mechanic, estimated it may cost up to £300 though today he seemed to think a little further probing may reduce the cost. I have little knowledge or interest in cars so having found him a while ago I trust him.

When I returned to pick it up he said he had cleaned it and thought the problem may be gone! It is at this point I stand hovering around the payment point and he says, “O there is no charge.” He has said this before probably the reason I trust him though appreciative of his time I give him a tenner. You could never do this with a dealer. Relationships are key in life whether private or business and the more trust the better the experience.

Due to the car being out of action for a few hours the piano lesson got missed though I was hoping Ciara would still practice, I am still hoping.

I was aware that the Southbank is running a year long festival on, ‘Belief and beyond belief’ and was hoping that if I sorted the laundry and general weekly clean-up I could catch some of the workshops in the afternoon.

Ros returned from work which made me more relaxed in sloping off knowing if Ciara needed anything someone was at home.

I was too late for the workshops, they were all full though I managed to pick up a ticket for the evening concert, London Philharmonic would be performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Classical music has become a part of my life although I remain largely illiterate in knowing what’s what and who’s who, I am simply taken by the music and immersed in the experience. Usually, it is sounding from Radio 3 or a CD, it is occasionally I experience a concert.

I flutter between closing my eyes and watching what I see as an army of musicians battling to bring harmony and peace from noise. I did find that part of me, at times, was railing against the force of the music and wanted to go from listener, observer to participant. In the car, I can go crazy not in a concert hall.