The film Lion inspires hope against all odds

It is the May Day Bank holiday here in the UK. I have not always found Bank holidays the easiest of days as I often feel the need to do something. I reckon it is a hangover from a childhood without a car and often having to occupy myself when it seemed everyone else had gone somewhere.

Actually, as Ciara is now 17 and caught up in her teenage world I find it easier. I stayed up to near 3 in the morning reading and writing energised by this, ‘Medium thing’ so late to bed meant I was late to rise.

I noticed the local independent cinema was having a 5 00 pm showing of ‘Lion’ and thought I may be alive to the world by then.

I had a rough idea of the storyline, ‘a young Indian boy got lost at a train station and gets adopted by an Australian couple though years later, with the help of Google Earth, tries to find his way back’.

I had no idea I would be so moved by the story to the point of shedding more tears than I normally do in theatres.

I think it was when Seroo, the boy who gets lost, goes to University and while mixing with Indian students he remembers from where he came yet his life in Australia is as far removed physically as it is economically and in most every other regard.

It was also his desire to find his home and to then return not knowing whether his mother, brother, and sister still remain.

It is a story about survival yet also about pursuing a desire to return to those you love that takes 25 years to achieve. It is that ‘in-between state’ of having lost someone yet hoping against odds that they will be found.


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