The world in circles, GDJ Pixabay

Where are cleanweb projects available?

Our collaborative effort to map the cleanweb is progressing extremely well. In March, we launched the features that allow anyone interested in the web for climate action to suggest cleanweb projects by copying-pasting their urls directly on IYWTo landing page. A few weeks later, we launched the two extensions for Chrome and Firefox. And since, we have identified more than 2,300 projects creating the largest repository of cleanweb projects from across the world. And we grow of about 100 new projects per week.

Our directory provides the list of projects, their name, url and a short description. To make the repository more useful, we are now geotagging the projects to indicate where they are available. We are using a very simple geotagging logic:

#global for projects available across the world, e.g. ecosia in #global

#europe, #asia, #southamerica for projects available across a continent, e.g. drivy in #Europe

#country for projects available across a country, e.g. stop wasting food in #Denmark. We use multiple #country for projects available in more than one country

#region for projects available in a region of the country, like #tasmania for a produce to the people of tasmania

#city for projects available only in a city, like lovnspoonfuls in #boston. We use multiple #cities when a project is available in several cities

In parallel with geotagging the cleanweb projects, we are developing geolocation capability on our platform so that shortly the platform will, by default, serve only projects available where the user is, leaving however the option to manually select alternative locations. A user who accesses IYWTo in San Francisco, California will be able to search and browse projects available in San Francisco, be they #global, #us, #california or exclusively #sanfrancisco projects. The same user will be able to manually switch to #sandiego and find the projects that are available in San Diego, but not San Francisco.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the small group of friends who have contributed so much of their time and knowledge to build up so quickly our directory of cleanweb projects, and the many people who have contributed with only one or two references. Together we have created and are expanding a unique tool for those who design, build and use the web for #ClimateAction.