IFDB Talent of the Week — Lily Abolghasemi

Mar 22, 2018 · 3 min read
shopaholic / style blogger

Lily Abolghasemi was always fascinated by fashion as a child, and knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry.

She started Hello Darling Blog when a professor she had in college encouraged all the students to start a WordPress site.

Over 130k followers later, she’s come a long way. 😏

As a style blogger, Lily’s main focus on her blog is obviously fashion. 👗

Her goal is to inspire others through her outfits, style deals, and must-have products.

Right now, Lily describes her taste as street style fashion with a feminine flair.

She loves sharing her own personal style while helping others embrace theres.

Hello Darling Blog also provides a ton of Beauty expertise and advice.

Lily gives the inside scoop on her favorite products and hacks. 💄

In all of her blog posts, sponsored or not, she shares where she purchased what she’s wearing or using.

This helps make it feel very organic when she does finally plug brands for compensation.

Lily has a massive following waiting on her every move to tell them where to buy her amazing clothes.

She posts beautiful photos, thoughtful blog posts, and stays consistent.

I hope she’s gone back and thanked that professor from college!

We’re giving Lily a shoutout because we think her blog is pretty great.

She gracefully integrates brand deals into her content in a way that doesn’t feel forced.

IFDB helps her show off what she’s accomplished.

Keep up the good work Lily! 🌟

Lily’s IFDB profile can be found here.

But you should check her out on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

And of course, on Hello Darling Blog. 🌸

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