IFDB Talent of the Week — Sylvie Esmundo

Mar 2, 2018 · 3 min read
LA girl / mom / lifestyle blogger

Sylvie Esmundo is a blogger sharing her California lifestyle and everything that comes with it.

Whether that be family life, fashion, food, or traveling- she posts it all on Sylvie in the Sky.

And her 150k+ Insta followers can’t get enough.

The first thing you notice about Sylvie is how stylish she is.

Her followers come to her Insta to see her amazing outfits, but they stay for the helpful tips on her blog.

She talks about her favorite trends and helps her readers style them into their own life.

She even shares children’s fashion!

Speaking of kids, Sylvie just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into her family.

Her blog has a focus on parenting, her two kids, and their daily life as a family.

Sylvie shares her insight on things like her must-have newborn products, and how she strugglers with her picky eating toddler.

Sylvie in the Sky paints a picture of what her awesome beachside lifestyle is like with her family.

Her goal is to share her secrets of what it means to live your best life and follow your dreams.

She encourages others to be thankful for what they have, and embrace everything with positivity.

Sylvie gets a shoutout because she’s determined, hardworking, and super cool!

She just had a baby and still pumps out awesome content.

IFDB helps her show off what she’s made of.

Congrats Sylvie, keep it up. 🌟

Sylvie’s IFDB profile can be found here.

But you should check her out on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

And of course at Sylvie in the Sky.

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