I Fired My Boss
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I Fired My Boss

A year ago today I quit my job…

No wait, scratch that. I̵ ̵q̵u̵i̵t̵ ̵m̵y̵ ̵j̵o̵b̵ I fired my boss!

Today I want to talk about what that means and what I’ve done in that time.

“I Fired My Boss” started as a provocative spin on my resignation for two reasons:

  • quitting has a negative connotation that implies giving up
  • I terminated a relationship that no longer served me

After hearing about mass layoffs and being clued in (threatened) with the possibility of having the same fate lest I find ways to bend and stretch to make myself useful outside of the confines of my role, I did what many employers do to unsuspecting employees; I fired them.

In reclaiming the control and power that came with my talents, my time, my self esteem, and my mental health I started a movement.

The Journey

Since firing my boss I’ve discussed with transparency the ups and downs that came with that decision:

  • The fear
  • The anxiety
  • The empty bank accounts
  • The past due bills
  • How “hope” doesn’t make deposits or pay bills
  • How “exposure” doesn’t either
  • Being taken advantage of by other businesses
  • Failing — over and over again —

I went viral multiple times across multiple social media platforms, publications, podcasts, and even on national television via the Tamron Hall Show. Friends, family, and followers cheered me on sharing both public and private words of encouragement wishing me well and sharing how my very public decision gave them the option — whether they decided to take it or not — to leave a toxic workplace and bet on themselves.

I met a ton of cool people who have done the same either shortly before me, or shortly after me, and shared in the immense bravery it takes to walk away from the illusion of security that comes with a regular income to chase something you thought up one day.

I’ve gathered that some people look at my journey as one of having achieved or accomplished some thing. While I agree that accomplishments small and large should be celebrated — especially in entrepreneurship — I also feel like much of my journey is still unfolding.

A New Project

“I Fired My Boss” is about more than publicly sticking it to “the man” or shaming my previous employer. It’s about reclaiming your power over anything that once controlled but no longer serves you. However you define your “boss”, be it an addiction, bad habit, unfulfilling job, bad relationship, or otherwise, you have the power to acknowledge first that it no longer serves you and second to terminate the relationship like I did a year ago today.

In the time since firing my boss I’ve turned to writing — A LOT — for many popular publications and organizations and most recently for me. Finally, I was encouraged to create my own publication where I can allow others to create the space to document and share their own experiences and journeys with an audience they may or may not have already had access to.

I Fired My Boss is bigger than me now and in just a year, I can’t wait to see where it goes in 5.

A Call For Editors/Writers

I’m a team of one right now but hope to have volunteer editors and contributors help me make something of this dream. If you have stories, anecdotes, advice, or simply want to vent — in a constructive and coherent manner — I’m welcoming submissions. I haven’t ironed out the editorial guidelines just yet and would love the opportunity to craft them around community. Join me in firing the things that no longer serve us and becoming your own boss.



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Rahkim Sabree

Rahkim Sabree

I’m an author/columnist, speaker, & coach. I’ve written for some of your favorite publications and decided why not start my own. All social media @rahkimsabree