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I Fired My Boss

How “I Fired My Boss” went from a catchy phrase to a movement, to a publication

Photo by Nicola Barts : https://www.pexels.com/photo/angry-black-businessman-making-crumpled-paper-on-street-7925834/

In May of 2021 I woke up on a Friday morning decided that I was going to leave my job sending in a resignation that I had drafted MONTHS in advance. I sent off the email and waited for the fireworks. Shortly after I took to Twitter to share the news.

Completely unexpectedly my tweet went viral. It would gain over 2 Million impressions with demonstrations of support and congratulations. It would lead to multiple viral articles, guest appearances on podcasts, and even a 5 minute segment on National TV.

“I Fired My Boss” became a hashtag and slogan that had a personal meaning to me. It represented taking my power back in a world that treated me as small, insignificant, and incapable. It was removing a “boss” figurehead to become one myself.

As I built steam around the phrase I began to notice that it also represented something to others. It represented hope, courage, an option. I would get Dm’s, emails, and comments from people letting me know that they too wanted to “fire their boss” or that they already have.

After celebrating a whole YEAR of independence I decided to start a publication taking the phrase and the movement through another evolution.

I Fired My Boss is about reclaiming your power over anything that once controlled but no longer serves you. However you define your “boss”, be it an addiction, bad habit, unfulfilling job, bad relationship, or otherwise, these columns & contributions are to inspire and encourage.

I’d love for you to:

  • Comment, Clap, & highlight away for awareness.
  • Subscribe to the publication here
  • Ask me about writing opportunities As this is a new publication there is no compensation (yet) but as I build it out I will be exploring sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

PS… if you’re interested in editing or contributing some other way please let me know!



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Rahkim Sabree

Rahkim Sabree

I’m an author/columnist, speaker, & coach. I’ve written for some of your favorite publications and decided why not start my own. All social media @rahkimsabree