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IFL Short Stories

Hiding Behind the Bins Because I Saw Him

A short story about running into an old flame

Photo by Mert Kahveci on Unsplash

So there I was, sitting behind the bins, hoping he wouldn’t see me. The shock caused me to adopt a 4-year-old’s logic: if I can’t see him, he can’t see me.

But just like everybody can spot the giggling toddler standing behind the curtains, he’d spotted me. Of course, he had. I mean, we looked…




A collection of diverse short stories. Some realistic, some magic, some fun, some sad, but all will help you escape your life for a couple of minutes.

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Judith Victoria

Judith Victoria

Essays on life, love, and other lousy stuff. Otherworldly flash fiction & romantic short stories. Failing forward. Perpetually amazed.

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