iFly 2020 Immersion Program

Matthew Pang
Feb 10 · 1 min read

iFly.vc was started in 2016 as a thesis-driven seed-stage VC firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. iFly embraces investment opportunities in spaces that may appear unglamorous but carry tremendous growth potential. The fund focuses on technology-enabled transformation across the value chain of traditional industries with the initial focus on commerce. The firm backs entrepreneurs with grit and passion and aims to build a concentrated portfolio while providing impactful value-add to companies.

Every spring, summer, and fall, we invite students to participate in our Immersion Program in which participants are involved in multiple aspects of the venture business, such as:

- Develop investment thesis

- Assess investment opportunities

- Conduct due diligence

- Assist entrepreneurs in the portfolio

- Manage internal process and external network

Participants will have different projects, but our goal is to have everyone learn something useful through the collaboration.

The list of qualification can certainly look like the following:

- Self-starter, fast learner, team player

- Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills

- Proficiency in PowerPoint and Excel and VC vocabulary

- Strong attention to details and ability to set and manage deadlines

- MBA is not required, but business acumen is

- Prior investment experience is not required

The list can go on and on but above all, we like to work with people for their attitude, not profile on paper. We want to work with people whom we can build a long-term partnership with.

If interested, please apply by sending your resumes to info@iFly.vc


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