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By: Pedro Paulino

More communities need mental health support. Our site is now available in Português! This post is available in Portuguese.

If you’re interested contributing to our project in any capacity, email!

Panorama of Maringá, Brazil from Wikipedia

Pedro Paulino is a developer from Maringá, Parana State, Brazil. He joined if me because he wants to learn how open source can help people with depression. He led Brazilian Portuguese translations with help from Paula Alves and Carlos Tadeu Panato.

Why is mental health important to you?

Work, study and day-to-day life consumes your mind. Stressful situations can lead us to destructive situations or places we don’t want to go in the long term. Mental health affects us in public places like work or school, not just behind closed doors. From personal family experiences, I can advocate for the importance of mental health.

How is mental health perceived and treated in Brazil?

Mental health is quite complicated in Brazil. Some people may see the task of going to the psychologist as a “crazy treatment” and sometimes the person who needs treatment may ignore their symptoms due to the stigma of mental health and the fear of being labeled as problematic or helpless.

People can succumb to destructive behaviour like drug or alcohol addiction. An app and community like if me could potentially help them. These people could find support from their loved ones and bringing more positive change in their lives.

Why did you want to participate in translating

I participated for two reasons: to improve my coding skills and help provide access to an app that helps to solve real-world problems.

It’s important to be able to discuss your issues in a safe and private space without fear of judgement. I want to help give people the power to be their authentic selves, build confidence, and help others going through mental health issues or in need of a helping hand!

if me homepage in Portuguese

Were there any interesting challenges you came across while translating?

The Privacy Policy was difficult to translate. Working on personal apps, I know that they are challenging to write because you need it to match the legal terms and conditions for the country you are providing the app to.

In general, finding the adequate words and expressions to convey that if me is a safe and private space where you can be yourself is challenging.

Huge thanks Pedro Paulino, Paula Alves, and Carlos Tadeu Panato for their hard work 💜. Let us know how your experience is going with our Brazilian Portuguese site. If you want to see our app in your language, contact us at

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