Get to Know Myisha T. Hill of Brown Sisters Speak

An Interview with Myisha T. Hill

An interview with Myisha T. Hill, founder of Brown Sisters Speak — a non-profit supporting the mental health and wellness of women of color.

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Tell us about yourself!

I’m a mental health activist, wellness, and productivity coach, and thriving, single MOM-preneur to three different-ability children. Two of them have autism and the third one has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sensory processing disorder. I own Myisha T. & Co, a small business boutique branding and creative marketing agency. I am also the founder of Brown Sisters Speak, a non-profit supporting the mental health and wellness of women of color.

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What does mental health mean to you?

To me, mental health is the core of who you are. There are Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Without mental health, you cannot be physically and emotionally healthy. Think about it when was the last time you had a depressive episode. How did it affect you?

When I have deep depressive episodes, I’m least likely to be motivated to do anything productive including my business. I’m more of a functional depressive because I have to take care of my children. Saturdays are hectic because I’m running to and fro from one thing to another without taking a moment to breathe.

I like to think of mental health as the center of my core being. If I’m not feeling mentally well, then I am not able to live and thrive dynamically in life.

Tell us about the work you do to advocate for mental health awareness.

I’d love to! I’m the “Big Sister” and founder of the non-profit organization Brown Sisters Speak, which is based in Oakland, California. Our mission is to offer mental health empowerment and peer support online and offline to women of color. Currently, we host women’s workshops on mental health, a monthly empowerment brunch and dinner, and a monthly in-person support peer support group. Currently, we’re revamping our online group and plan to take a deeper dive into advocacy skills.

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Outside of Brown Sisters Speak, I keep up with state legislation around mental health and reach out to local leaders to offer support and feedback on local and statewide mental health bills. I also help other parents of special needs children advocate for their children in the classroom.

Have any shoutouts you want to give to individuals or organizations that made an impact on you?

I would love to give shoutouts to Daisy Ozim, Zoraida E. Medrano, Julia Nguyen, and Traci Ruble.

Daisy Ozim is the co-founder and executive director of Resilient Wellness. Resilient Wellness addresses the reality of multigenerational trauma in marginalized communities through direct service, health education, and policy advocacy.

Image of Resilient Wellness logo

Zoraida E. Medrano is a Latina mental health activist and assistant director of Brown Sisters Speak.

Julia Nguyen is a Vietnamese-Canadian mental health activist and software engineer who founded, a mental health communication platform.

Traci Ruble is the founder of Sidewalk Talk. Sidewalk Talk of the community listening project with a mission to nurture human connection by practicing and teaching heart-centered listening in public spaces. I volunteer as a listener in Oakland!

Image of Sidewalk Talk logo

Thank you Myisha for taking the time to share with us! Her work has inspired us to make our platform more inclusive of different backgrounds. Myisha also writes a mental health blog for the Huffington Post and has self-published books on business development and her experiences with bi-polar disorder.

You can use our site to share with loved ones your mental health experiences and plan out strategies to tackle them. We’re an open source organization run by volunteers.

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