IfNotNow Welcomes the Reform Movement’s Support for Susya and Urges Other Denominations to Join

We were happy to see that the Union for Reform Judaism spoke out in opposition of the demolition of Susya. It should not be a radical statement that families should not have their homes demolished. The Jewish tradition affirms that every person deserves dignity as a being created b’tzelem Elokim- in the image of G-d and the tradition also demands of us that we act collectively to ensure human beings are treated this way.
We welcome the URJ’s appeal to Israel’s government as a crack in the Jewish establishment’s culture of silence toward the expulsions, detentions, and the denial of the basic human dignity of the Palestinian people that characterizes Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.
This is first and foremost a victory for the courageous villagers of Susiya who have defended their village against destruction for years and breached the walls of cynical silence not just in our community but in the White House.
We call on the Conservative, Reconstructionist and Orthodox movements to remember sacred Jewish values and to stand up for these villagers and the right of Palestinians to remain on their own land.
Susiya is not an isolated incident. Home demolitions are part and parcel of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. During this Occupation, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been expelled from their homes for not obtaining permits from the Israeli military government they have no right to vote for. As we approach the Days of Repentance, we reiterate our call for the American Jewish community to take concrete steps to end their support for the occupation and support dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians.
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