We Were Attacked by the Israeli Police — here’s how you can help.

Yesterday, I and 50 other Jewish anti-Occupation activists were violently dragged away by Israeli authorities in Jerusalem for nonviolently disrupting this year’s “March of the Flags” on Jerusalem Day.

But we won’t stop until we have ended American Jewish support for the occupation; we’re going to keep fighting. It was the first time that so many American and Israeli Jews had come together to confront the violence of Jerusalem Day.

This was a milestone for the movement, but we need to continue building back home. Can you chip in $18 to help build the Jewish movement to oppose Israel’s violent occupation?

IfNotNow leader, Emily Mayer, being dragged away from our sit-in.

While Jerusalem Day is considered a national holiday in Israel, for many of the city’s Palestinian residents, today is known as the day they fear the most. Every year, to celebrate of the Israeli capture and occupation of East Jerusalem following the Six-Day War in 1967, a mob of right-wing Israeli Jews storm Palestinian neighborhoods, banging on doors and chanting “Death to Arabs.”

That’s why IfNotNow, All That’s Left and Free Jerusalem intervened with a peaceful blockade. But as our coalition of American and Israeli Jews linked arms and refused to allow the police to enter Damascus Gate and forcibly close Palestinian shops in the Old City, Israeli authorities violently dragged, choked, and threw my friends to the ground. In one case, Israeli authorities broke the arm of my friend Sarah Brammer-Shlay, a 25-year-old IfNotNow leader from DC.

I was dragged across the Damascus Gate plaza in a headlock, unable to breathe.

We know the violence directed by Israeli authorities against our coalition, though shocking, pales in comparison to the experiences of Palestinians living under the daily violence of Occupation. We saw today that the police are not there to protect all residents of Jerusalem, but rather to protect systems of violence asserting superiority over Palestinians.

This cannot go on. In just a few short weeks we’ll be mobilizing across the country to stand up against 50 years of occupation.

Please donate $18 today to keep the movement strong.

History is watching us and IfNotNow is just getting started. We will be the generation to end our community’s support for the occupation. Will you join us?

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