The Root Cause of Employee Demotivation

What is killing productivity and making people suffer at work?

Edward Iftody
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17 min readSep 11, 2019


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Based on our analysis, teams in these organizations spend between 40 and 80 percent of their time wasting their time, but working harder and harder, longer and longer, on less and less value-adding activities. This is what is killing productivity and what makes people suffer at work.

– Yves Morieux

In this article:

  • What causes employee demotivation in the first place?
  • Is employee work being evaluated fairly?
  • Fixing the complexity problem
  • A bottom-up approach to simplification
  • Build your organizational skills
  • A personal story
  • Your actions for the next two weeks to improve your motivation

What causes employee demotivation in the first place?

Can you remember the feeling you had when you first read that email confirming you had been chosen for your current job?

Remember how good that felt? You had been chosen from many possible candidates and you were the best! Remember how excited you were as you started thinking about all the new possibilities that you would experience? The money you would make? The new friendships you would forge? Sure, you might have been a little anxious, but I’m guessing mostly happy and excited and MOTIVATED!

Where did that excited, motivated, ‘I can do anything’ feeling go? When did it leave and most importantly, how can you get it back?

When you start a new job, there’s the exciting phase of learning new skills, where the best place to eat lunch is and who your desk neighbors are. Later, there are the deadlines, the pressure, the never-ending email, long meetings, and long hours. Eventually…



Edward Iftody

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