Examophobia cure is finally REVEALED!

There’s that time of the year when you check the calendar and find out that time has passed too quickly that it’s only one month away for the finals! These words will probably panic you, but that’s totally normal, dear candidate. Don’t worry, just read the following lines to kill that stress-monster crawling up!

  1. One highly recommended idea is that you through all homework, exams or quizzes done throughout the year to check all your mistakes, this will tremendously lift your spirits up.
  2. Seeing a very simple mistake you’ve made at the beginning of the year and answering it now pretty easily will push you a little bit forward. Even if you found some difficult questions, just write them up on a piece of paper and ask your teacher about them or Google them or just post it on our Facebook Questions and Answers groups for instant replies! You’d be consoled to know that you aren’t the only one who has such questions crossing their mind. 
    Isn’t that better than finding one during the actual final and not knowing the answer?
  3. Alongside this, reading all the syllabus again will get you nowhere. IGCSE is a system that depends on understanding and never memorising, so how come you try to memorise each line in the notes? Yes, there’s no doubt that there are some subjects that rely greatly on memorising, such as Business Studies, but then you should read the revision book or just go through the main points; because reading the whole notes will only mess up what you studied earlier and raise the stress-monster even higher.
  4. Moving on, staying in a “studying shell” for the rest of the month is extremely disadvantageous. You are a human. You have a social life. You deserve to go out, take breaks, have fun or even sleep well! Just because well! Just because you wasted a few hours reading a book or scrolling up and down on Facebook does not mean that you’re vulnerable to get a low grade. Always remember that “Time you enjoy wasting is never wasted”. Have a look at this lovely poem by our Ex-team member in your break-time, I’m sure you’ll like it ;)
  5. Nevertheless, the excess of anything just turns the table around. Therefore, what could summarise that part is a plan that manages your time effectively. As for the classes, try not to miss the before-exam classes your teacher conducts. They probably include various notes and even if they don’t, knowing that the teacher is here for you at anytime is ultimately relieving. He can make the class fun to kill the anxiety, start encouraging you or simply state some important notes.
  6. Lastly, give your friend a hand or look for one! If you aren’t that good in a certain subject, ask one of your friends to help you out in you out in the stuff you’re facing struggles with; because a student your age would’ve probably encountered the same struggles and will know the ideal way to tackle them. Or if you’re good enough to help a friend, just search for one and tell him what could help him out. By that you would not only sow the knowledge into your head by revising it but your self-esteem would also rise after seeing a boost in your friend’s grades, studying way or even spirit!
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