It’s a long road I heard you say..

Poem by Sarah Ahmed

From October first to the end of May From the very normal life
 To the marching army troops
 From the evenings long films

To the many late night groups

So remind me once again
 Why are we still here?
 Is it to get low grades?
 Or for the endless fear?
 You have asked and I shall answer For i want to make it clear

It’s a perfectly natural reaction to panic now my dear
 We humans fear what’s new Or different from the norm But IG is the spring

Disguised as a storm
It’s very challenging I know

Right there from the start But if you do it right
It’ll be the best part
Of all your school years You’ll be someone new So active and skilful

A totally different ‘You’

I will tell you about the friends

The teachers and the smiles About the better grades
Oh that will take a while

The group chats and the questions

The meaningful education
The traits you acquire and
The character formation

But only you will believe me
When the 3 years are done
You’ll remember and smile
Cause the memories will never be gone

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