Meet the Super Candidate!


An Interview with Marihan Khaled By:IGCSE Cairo

So which school were you in and what title did you get?

I was in Kaumya International School and I got the title “top in Alexandria in A Level physics”.

So how did you generally study when you were an IG student?

There wasn’t really any schedule I was working on. During my first semester in grade 10, I used to work really hard but then, I discovered that the whole thing was much simpler once you get used to the system. During my O Levels, I only had to attend most of the classes. However, during my ALevel I had to solve all of the past papers. Have a look at “It’s a long road I heard you say” a lovely poem by our Ex-team member about her IG experience ;)

How did you prepare for your A Level Physics exam?

I split the past papers into two halves. I answered the first half according to each chapter throughout the year. The second half was answered at the end before the Exams. On the night of the final Exam, I revised my mistakes throughout the past papers. Even though my teacher wasn’t that good, I decided to study from the original book, this was my first time to study from it. It helped a lot.

Which subjects did you take in each session?

I took 5 O Levels during the first session, AS Maths in the following November.
 A2 Maths and OL Arabic and IT the following June.
 AS physics during the summer followed by A2 physics and OL accounting in June.

So what advice would you like to give to your fellow IG students?

Not to be over paranoid about private tutors and stuff. I only took private when the teacher was exceptionally bad. Try to take as many ALevels as possible. If I could go back in time, I would have taken an extra one.

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So which university did you join and how is studying for university different from high school?

I joined Zewail City and I’m planning to Major in Nanotechnology Engineering.
 It’s way different and I have to study way harder. It’s also very challenging and it embraces my dream.

Thank you and we wish you the best in your future.