Euro Game Showcase — Part 2

Maddie Fritjof
May 27, 2019 · 13 min read

This is the second part of the Euro Game Showcase blog. If you wanna start from the beginning, click HERE.

A few weeks back we at IGDB talked about wanting to do something for the Indie game community. There’s a lot of games out there which makes it hard for both developers to show their game, and gamers to find them. After a bit of brainstorming, we decided to start the hashtag campaign Euro Game Showcase where companies from Europe could show us their latest creation. However, we didn’t want to do this alone so we asked if Danelle from Indie Game Lover wanted to join, and she happily said yes (which meant Oliver was there to help too)! We’ve had a lot of fun seeing all the great titles, old and new. Now we want to showcase our favorites (as well as honorary mentions!). Hopefully, you as a gamer can find your next gem by looking through this list!

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Also, if you’re a developer or part of a gaming company and would like to see how IGDB can help your game feel free to check out this article below:

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Let’s find out more about the games!

Game title: Inspector Waffles

Release date: 2019

Developer: Goloso Games (from France)

Summary: Inspector Waffles is a point&click detective game in which you follow the story of a witty cat detective. Will you find out who killed Fluffy, the beloved CEO of Box Furnitures? The first hints are leading to something bigger than expected…

Notes from the developer: Goloso Games is a one-man dev studio, based in France and created in 2015. Specialized in point&click adventure games, it aims to deliver quality games with endearing characters.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Beatdown Dungeon

Release date: TBD

Developer: Phil Airdash (from Germany)

Summary: Beatdown Dungeon is a hybrid between dungeon crawler RPGs and fast-paced 2D fighting games. Travel through randomly generated dungeons, find treasure and fight all kinds of weird monsters. The combat is inspired by games such as Guilty Gear or Under Night In-Birth. Controls are easy to grasp and combos allow for creativity, with a lenient cancel system and the ability to summon helper characters. Develop your own fighting style by equipping badges to modify your skills and creating your own Custom Demon fighter.

Note from developer: My name is Phil and I’m a solo dev from Germany, who makes games in his spare time. I’ve been making games since around 2006, but Beatdown Dungeon was by far my largest project so far, taking roughly 4 years to develop. I toyed with the idea of going commercial at one point, but that would lead to a bunch of stress and probably not too many sales — so I kept working on my game as a hobby and it has been very fulfilling, especially since it allows me to experiment with unconventional ideas that might not work for a commercial title.

Links: IGDB Page I I Twitter

Game title: Orwell

Release date: October 27th/ 2016

Developer: Osmotic Studios (from Germany)

Summary: Using the new governmental security program that has the power to survey the online presence of every person in The Nation, you investigate the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks. Information from the internet, personal communications, and private files are all accessible to you. But, be warned, the information you supply will have consequences…

Note from developer: Osmotic Studios is an award-winning independent game development company based in Hamburg. We focus on impactful narrative games with unique mechanics and are known for our surveillance thriller series “Orwell”, consisting of the two seasons.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Lost Ember

Release date: July 19th/ 2019

Developer: Mooneye Studios (from Germany)

Summary: Explore the remains of a fallen world from fascinating perspectives! Slip into the role of different animals to uncover the fate of an ancient world. Dive into deep waters, fly at lofty heights, dig underground as a mole or even climb steep cliffs with a mountain goat, there are lots of ways of getting around.

Note from developer: Mooneye Studios is an indie game studio from Hamburg. With their award-winning exploration adventure “Lost Ember” we recently achieved international recognition and successes on Kickstarter and — with a small team of only 5 people — managed to create Germany’s second most successful games crowdfunding campaign.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Vagrus - The Riven Realms

Release date: TBD

Developer: Lost Pilgrims (from Hungary)

Summary: Embark on a perilous journey across a realm forsaken by the gods and devastated by an arcane cataclysm. Accompanied by a hardy crew, you must trade, fight, and explore your way to success as the leader of a traveling company in Vagrus, a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG-strategy hybrid.

Note from developer: Although most of us have worked on games before, Lost Pilgrims as a studio is fairly new. We set out with the goal of developing a quality game, one that we ourselves would like to play.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: FLY PUNCH BOOM!

Release date: 2019

Developer: Jollypunch Games (from Italy)

Summary: Fly fast and clash, choose to hit, counter or throw with the right timing, hoping to outfox your enemy. The loser gets smashed in the face with cartoony expressions, then shoots into huge hungry fish, collapsing buildings and killer cotton candy. Levels are wildly different, with giant things to ram at each other, and glowing orbs to chase to power up super moves. Easy to pick up, cartoon graphics, fast matches, gamepad-breaking fun.

Notes from the developer: The game’s design, art, and code, everything but the audio, is made by me, Gabriele Libera, here in Italy, under the name Jollypunch Games. Jorge Olivares aka Giorgiost, from Chile, composed a truly kickass anime rock OST, I listen to it all the time. And the sound design is curated by Noob Sound, which is Matteo Giovanardi & Mattia Cozzi, from Italy as well. They did a great job.

I have no formal education in anything related to videogames (I studied Chinese and Chinese philosophy). Just love for games since I was a kid, and a lot of passion. Been working on FPB! for 3 years now, and it’s finally close to ready.

Links: IGDB Page I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Nauticrawl

Release date: 2019

Developer: Andrea Interguglielmi (from Italy)

Summary: Enslaved on an unknown planet, a stolen Nauticrawl is your only hope of escaping the wretched life you were born into. But now that you’re at the helm, you have a whole new set of problems. The craft is full of levers, buttons, and gauges that make no sense to you. And even if they did, where would you go?

This stolen Nauticrawl is both your only chance of escape and the likely instrument of your demise. Sentinels are approaching, it’s time to move!

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Blackout: The Darkest Night

Release date: 2019

Developer: MiniChimera Game Studio (from Portugal)

Summary: A Choose Your Own Adventure inspired by White Wolf’s World of Darkness, Twin Peaks and H.P. Lovecraft.

You have been part of something terrible, something so unspeakable that caused you to blackout and forget all recent events. Now you have the choice of pursuing this dark truth or trying to bury it in the past.

Note from the developer: Our company is basically me and one friend. He does art and I handle programming, game design and marketing/publishing. For sound/music we hire a contractor. And for Blackout specifically, we also hired another artist for some commissions. We made several mobile games, some of the contract work, and more recently we started focusing on PC. Even though we did several game jam projects, Blackout will be our first PC release. Currently, we are working remotely, since we’ve been moving around quite a lot. Alberto (the artist), has moved from Cyprus to Brazil, where he is now. And I (Robson) am currently in Portugal, after spending some time in Cyprus and Greece.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Heroes Ravage

Release date: TBD

Developer: Pixel Dinos (from Portugal)

Summary: Heroes Ravage is a 4v4 multiplayer action game about Heroes with no remorse and Villagers desperately trying to protect their valuables through an all-out brawl of wits and might to secure all the loot that plays like a blend of The Legend of Zelda and Rainbow Six Siege.

Note from the developer: Pixel Dinos started in July 2017 as Mario Machado, Marcelo Norberto and Daniel Silvério got together and somehow the conversation led them into talking about game development and about what games would be fun to play but didn’t yet exist. The team discovered they had a lot of similar awesome ideas, we wanted to experience this type of game so much that we decided to make it ourselves. That game would be Heroes Ravage. Marcelo had recently quit his job in order to focus on his ambitions to make games and Daniel was also searching for an appealing challenge so they both started working on the game full time, as for Mario he would help whenever needed and he took care of all the sounds of the game as well as scheduling and other management tasks. The team used their savings in order to support the development of the game thus far and continues to work hard trying to bring Heroes Ravage to the players.

Links: IGDB Page I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Courier of the Crypts

Release date: April 19th/ 2019

Developer: Ember Heart Games (from Slovenia)

Summary: Courier of the Crypts is a 2D puzzle adventure game where you have to survive as a Courier on his first errand to the ominous crypts. The main tool to achieve the mission is a Magic Torch which you use to illuminate your path, defend from darkness and solve puzzles — it must never run out!

Notes from the developer: Emberheart Games is a one-man Indie Game development studio based in Slovenia. It was established by Primož Vovk who dreams and creates worlds full of magic and adventures.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Demons Never Lie

Release date: TBD

Developer: Indie Bug (from Spain)

Summary: Demons Never Lie is a low-poly and voxel graphic adventure where your soul is at stake!

An incredible and dark story with elements of classic point & click games and visual novels. Dive into an emotional and thrilling experience and enjoy the atmospheric storytelling.

Note from the developer: IndieBug is an indie game studio founded by Maika Hernández in Madrid, Spain. Maika is a computer engineer with more than 10 years of experience in software development who decide to become an indie developer in 2017 and is working since then on this project called Demons Never Lie. IndieBug dream is to create games with immersive worlds and the biggest focus lies in the storytelling and making a personal connection to the players.

Links: IGDB Page I I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Oniria Crimes

Release date: Out now!

Developer: Ckolmos (from Spain)

Summary: Jacob has disappeared.
Explore his cute voxel room to find out what happened.
Each of its objects has a story to tell.

Links: IGDB Page I I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Hyper Parasite

Release date: April 3rd/ 2019

Developer: Troglobytes Games (from Spain)

Summary: Relentless rogue-lite shooter/brawler coming soon to a host near you. SNATCH, ZAP and REPEAT your way through a dystopian 1980’s as a mysterious organism bent on world domination.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Atmocity

Release date: June 5th/ 2019

Developer: Correcture Games (from Sweden)

Summary: Atmocity allows you to build impressive, gravity-defying cities. Test your skills as a mayor in the campaign mode with set objectives, or let your creativity go wild in the free-roaming mode.

Notes from the developer: Correcture Games is a Swedish solo dev studio founded in 2017. The studio develops games of different genres, which all share a focus on planning and strategy. The upcoming project Atmocity applies this focus on the city-building genre. The game combines a complex economic system with the ability to build cities that are not constrained by the laws of gravity.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Apsulov: End of Gods

Release date: Q3/ 2019

Developer: Angry Demon Studio (from Sweden)

Summary: You awake in a sanctuary of steel and concrete, built to honor the Nordic Gods and to house an artifact, buried in the earth aeons ago. Unveil the secrets of the inhabitants, the artifact, and the nine realms of Yggdrasil in Apsulov: End of Gods.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: TOEM

Release date: Q4/ 2019

Developer: Something We Made (from Sweden)

Summary: An aesthetic adventure with the premise of enjoying the little things!

TOEM is an adventure game, it aims to capture the curiosity of a child! Should I go left, right, who cares I’m on an adventure! Your smile, that’s what’s important to us.

Notes from the developer: We are Something We Made, an independent game studio in southern Sweden built upon honest and kind people. Our games are of its own kind and we take pride in that.

Links: IGDB Page I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Skeletal Dance Party

Release date: October 22nd/ 2019

Developer: Catalope Games (from Sweden/ UK)

Summary: Necromancers! Paladins! Skeletons! Monsters! Oh, my! You play as Reva, a young fox-eared necromancer who embarks on a quest to host an awesome dance party for all her friends… who happen to be the reanimated skeletons of her enemies.

Cast spells, solve puzzles, and bring your enemies back from the dead as you dance towards the noblest goal any necromancer has ever had: PARTYING!

Note from the developer: Catalope Games is a tiny Swedish game studio located in Linköping. It was formed by Jesper Tingvall in 2017 after he had participated in way too many Game Jams and wanted to put his experience to good use. The vision is to create the games nobody else creates; chimeras of different genres and break new grounds in game design. So far Catalope Games have released 2 commercial games; Scrap Galaxy, a party game about building space ships and fighting with them, and Skeletal Dance Party, a game about a necromancer hosting a dance party for her skeletons.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Niche — a genetics survival game

Release date: September 15th/ 2019

Developer: Stray Fawn Studio (from Switzerland)

Summary: Niche — a genetics survival game is a turn-based strategy game combined with simulation and roguelike elements. Shape your own species of animals based on real genetics. Keep your species alive against all odds, such as predators, climate change and spreading sickness.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Retro Rockets

Release date: 2019

Developer: Emissive Games (from The Netherlands)

Summary: Retro Rockets is a retro-future multiplayer game where you hunt Retronauts and de-orbit space stations as Destructo! Or play as the Retronauts and work together and defend against Destructo by enabling the security systems that will make the killer robot rest in pieces.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Justice Bear: Equinox

Release date: Out now!

Developer: CRØSS Games (from The UK)

Summary: While Bearnard and his family are enjoying the Spring Festival, the peaceful village of Amber Town is suddenly invaded by an unknown army. With just seconds to react, young Bearnard decides to draw their attention to give time to his family to hide. Help him cross the town while it’s reduced to ashes, avoiding bombs and debris, and jumping across broken streets and fire pits.

Note from the developer: Bit Byte Bear (formerly CRØSS Games) develops games featuring adorable characters that face deep stories with dark undertones, following the tradition of the fables you grew up with.

As you can see playing Justice Bear: Equinox, that’s only the beginning of a story that we like to compare with the Disney style, visually adorable but not shy to touch very serious topics.

Links: IGDB Page I I Official Page

Game title: Yucatan

Release date: 2019

Developer: Hairy Heart Games (from The UK)

Summary: Yucatan is a fast-paced, fake-mexican, space-punk driving experience. It’s a 3D racing game, with Metroidvania elements. You unlock abilities and use them to unlock new areas and new tracks. There’s a cast of fun characters, and a cool story (bro). But most of all it has amazing handling, exceptional drifting, some serious jumps, and you can drive upside down.

Notes from the developer: Hairy Heart is a small studio focused on arcade thrills with modern design. It’s based in Glasgow, Scotland, with a team of international collaborators from Mexico, the US, and Europe. Joe Bain is the founder of Hairy Heart and Yucatan is our first game.

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

Game title: Smith and Winston

Release date: May 30th/ 2019

Developer: Execution Unit (from The UK)

Summary: Smith and Winston is a Metroidvania style exploration twin-stick shooter. Taking on the role of Smith or Winston, two hapless mercenaries, you explore a newly discovered shattered ringworld and uncover the secrets of the natives and the impending doom of the star system.

Note from the developer: Based in London England Execution Unit is two industry veterans making games with a retro aesthetic utilizing modern technology. We passionately feel that old school gameplay is the best school gameplay and that if you buy a game you should be able to play all the levels you paid for. Games are entertainment not some form of punishment!

Links: IGDB Page I Steam I Official Page I Twitter

❤ Honorary Mentions ❤

If you’re interested in indie games or wanna support these awesome developers, feel free to visit their sites, say hi on social or try out their games! IGDB wants to thank everyone for participating! You guys have been amazing!

Please check out Indie Game Lover and her amazing site!

Indie Game Lover: Official Page I Twitter I Youtube

With this last blog post, we will end Euro Game Showcase for this time. But we’re already thinking of more fun campaigns that we can do in the near future. Meaning that if you missed it this time, there will be another chance to participate!

Thanks, guys! ❤

If you want to keep track of how IGDB is evolving and share your thoughts and suggestions, Discord is a good place to grab us for a chat! If not feel free to shoot us an email!


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With the biggest gaming database online, we strive to become the ultimate source for the true gamer. Here you'll find news, updates, announcements, interviews and more, all related the video game industry.