Summer time update!

Greetings Medium!
It’s been a busy year for IGDB so far, and what better way to start a fresh new blog than a recap just before heading into our office vacation :)

We’ll be detailing close feature updates, API data and status, as well as the in depth process of our current redesign. A ton of cool stuffs coming your way!

Games, Games, Games!

Our database keeps growing thanks to all our user’s contribution, we now list games both as a total of entries and the total of unique titles. We’re very proud of those numbers as it of course serves as the core structure for out site, apps and API.

Statistics that we’re proud of :) Thanks to all of you who contributed/keeps contributing!

Since the beginning of the year we have released IGDB Pocket, in particular we recently unleashed a huge update to the iOS version with all sorts of fancy, shiny features! Create custom lists? You bet! Review any game straight from the app with our cool pro/con feature? Absolutely! All your favourite news headline all in one place? Most definitely! 
You asked and we listened. Huge shout out to everyone in our community for constantly giving us valuable feedback.

A redesign to rule them all

What started as hobby to gather games we loved quickly grew up to be a huge product, but with such a growth came some design and practical issues. And so we recently decided to give IGDB a complete overhaul. We’re talking: updated branding, revised UI & UX, rethought functionalities, better mobile site and a focus on our API to be at center of

A draft concept for the new Discover page

Ironically for a database, we started facing the issue of having too much data displayed on our pages. So we went back to the drawing board to research the best practices that would be a better fit for IGDB.

If you want to follow the process and be a part of the discussion, come and join us on Discord!

API 3000, watch out!

The API has been incredibly popular and we have had some superb high praise for it, so we decided to switch gear and give you the next iteration of it! Better, stronger, faster... and with even more data! A new, programmer-oriented query language but with backwards compatibility with old-style url parameters.

With API 3000 (v3) we wanted to make sure we ate our own dog food, and so it will power the new website as well as all the mobile apps. That will give us a better understanding and support for our API customers.

ETA for API 3000 is September 2018.

That’s it for now, but we’ll be back shortly as we migrate our blog ;) You can expect some industry insights, interviews and product updates!

And meanwhile, summer time.