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IGG available to trade on QuickSwap!

IGGalaxy is officially partnering with QuickSwap, bringing another trading area for our IG Gold (IGG) token!

IGG is available to trade on QuickSwap!

QuickSwap is a permission-less decentralised exchange (DEX) that exists on Polygon Network, a layer-two scalability solution to Ethereum. Using the layer-two infrastructure for transactions, QuickSwap users will be able to trade ERC20 IGG tokens at extreme speeds, without having to incur unnecessarily high gas fees.

QuickSwap is a fork of the originator of automated market maker (AMM), Uniswap, in the rapidly expanding DeFi sector of the crypto space.

QuickSwap Stats and Facts

  • 100,000,000 liquidity, with ~16,000,000 daily average volume. Largest L2 DEX in the industry.
  • 70,000 trades per day, which is almost half of Uniswap’s 160,000 daily trades
  • Polygon is part of their official advisory team, and are sent all new Polygon projects.
  • They’re listed on DappRadar under Polygon, but if they were included in ETH L1, Quick would be #4 or #5 on any given day.
  • Would be #4 dApp by DAU if we were included in ETH category today
  • 66,000 24hr transactions compared to Uniswap, which has 133,000 transactions.

QuickSwap Liquidity Pool (LP) Rewards

We will be collaborating with our friends at QuickSwap to provide our community with another Intergalactic incentive, with over $20,000 of IGG to be allocated for the next month for providing IGG/ETH & IGG/QUICK! Quick will also be announcing their own liquidity rewards pool later today, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Trading pair available!

The IGG/ETH and IGG/QUICK pairs are now live.

QuickSwap will now join the IGGalaxy liquidity incentive programme for Uniswap and DFyn exchanges.

How do I add a wallet to QuickSwap?

Like Uniswap and DFyn, you’ll need to ensure you have a MetaMask wallet to interact with QuickSwap.

If you’d like a hand getting started with MetaMask, you can follow our simple guide!

Want to add liquidity to the IGG/ETH and/or IGG/QUICK trading area on QuickSwap?

We will provide a separate update for how you can add liquidity on QuickSwap in a separate article!


1,000,000,000 IGG LP Rewards

We have allocated a billion IGG this year to go towards LP rewards as LP providers play a fundamental role in the decentralised future, and are a key part of IGG’s growth. As you know, any trades made on AMMs cause price slippage, with trades that are particularly large relative to the total liquidity available causing more slippage. So, for AMM like Uniswap, DFyn or QuickSwap to function well, and to facilitate large trades, there needs to be a large pool of liquidity in place. As well as receiving fees from these decentralised exchange protocols, we also want to provide our community with additional value; that’s where our bonus LP rewards come in!

We have provided great incentives to our pools so far with over $650,000 in rewards to date across Uniswap and DFyn exchanges!

Here’s a break down:


IGG distributed: 132,544,948 IGG (~$475,571)

ORB distributed: 2175920 ORB


IGG distributed: 44910714 IGG (~$161,184)

ORB distributed: 449966 ORB

From today, our bonus rewards for DFyn LP have been replaced with the Router Protocol Galaxy Farm 2, for which we have allocated over 17,600,000 IGG (~$60,000).

In addition to this, the rewards for providing liquidity to the IGG/ETH pairing on Uniswap will reduce to 4,000,000 IGG each month in anticipation for exchanges listings and other LP incentives over the coming months.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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