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IGGalaxy Esports Tournaments Update: New Schedule!

IGGalaxy’s free daily esports tournaments serve to meet your competitive gaming needs! All tournaments previously hosted in IGGalaxy had been created a couple of days prior to the events which, as we’ve found out through listening to the feedback of our community of gamers, was fairly inconsistent and meant that they often didn’t know when tournaments were available.

So, to address this, we’ve made some alterations to how IGGalaxy esports tournaments will run for the foreseeable future. Read on to find out how our daily tournaments are evolving, including links to the schedules for each region for the next six weeks.

IGGalaxy: social competitive gaming with guaranteed rewards!

IGGalaxy: Social competitive gaming & esports

IGGalaxy is our newly launched social competitive gaming platform that rewards all participants, win or lose! We entered our open beta in December 2019 and have since hosted over 900 tournaments. IGGalaxy will provide a space for gamers and teams to prove and improve their skills in their favourite games. What’s more, using innovative technologies, we can enhance the monetisation potential for teams and gamers alike.

IGGalaxy offers online tournaments in currently 10 popular esports games; from mobile, PC, console, to solo or team-based, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to take part and and earn great rewards for the time you invest your competitive gaming!

How do I take part in these IGGalaxy tournaments?

To take part in IGGalaxy esports tournaments, you must have an IGGalaxy account. You can get started here if you do not have one already.

IGGalaxy esports tournament schedules

IGGalaxy esports tournaments are segmented by region, so you must only join tournaments in the region you’re located in. This is primarily to mitigate any issues of latency amongst players, which as you know, can sometimes greatly impact your online gaming experience.

Therefore, the use of VPN’s to access tournaments outside of the region you are located in is strictly forbidden.

Each schedule for each region will last for six (6) weeks and will alternate on a weekly basis: “Week A” and “Week B”:

Week A:

  • 01/02/2021–07/02/2021
  • 15/02/2021–21/02/2021
  • 01/03/2021–07/03/2021

Week B:

  • 08/02/2021–14/02/2021
  • 22/02/2021–28/02/2021
  • 08/03/2021–14/03/2021

Each region will have a dedicated bi-weekly esports tournament schedule that will be shared across our IGNews and Medium publications. These will also be shared across our social media platforms. You can also find the links of these below.

Please note that these schedules are only for free entry daily tournaments. Any other esports tournaments that become available will be shared separately.

IGGalaxy Esports Tournament Schedule

The below tournament schedules are to take place between 1 February 2021 to 14 March 2021.

Europe Tournaments Schedule

Asia Tournament Schedule

South East Asia Schedule (COD Mobile Garena)

North America Tournament Schedule

Africa Tournament Schedule

Useful IGGalaxy resources

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The competitions that feature in IGGalaxy or IGGalaxy, specifically, are in no way AFFILIATED, AUTHORISED, LICENSED OR ENDORSED by any of the developers or publishers. Furthermore, IGGalaxy in no way permits the wagering or gambling of any kind throughout the platform. Anyone found to be in breach of this may be subject to disciplinary action.

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:




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