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IGGalaxy returns to Medium!

We migrated all of our written content from Medium to the news section of IGGalaxy, IGNews, in back in February 2020, with the aim of enhancing the domain SEO strength and drawing more users to our platform through relevant content. Since this migration, we have observed consistent organic engagement on some of our legacy content that has remained on Medium.

Medium is evolving as a content platform, providing great organic reach and a range of new features, so, it is without question that we should look to capitalise on this opportunity to really grow our social presence!

IGGalaxy is back on Medium!

What is a “Medium publication”?

“Medium publications” are “shared spaces” for author(s) to produce written content related to a common theme, topic, idea and so on.

You can think of Medium publications like small, independent magazines: they have owners; editors; and writers. Some publications have “approved writers” that are part of the publication’s wider community and can submit content as they wish; whereas others must apply to submit written content for the main publishing account.

It’s a rich ecosystem with huge scope for brand growth!

Why is written content important to IGGalaxy?

The primary objective behind producing and distributing written content is, on the one hand, engagement. Engaging content related to pertinent topics in gaming, esports and technology are currently highly trending at the moment, and the nature of IGGalaxy content places Intergalactic Gaming directly at the forefront of these trends!

IGNews article in a Google-featured snippet.

On the other, it serves as a medium for keeping our community up-to-date with regular developments related to how we are progressing as a whole; business and product (IGGalaxy).

The scope for significant reach

To ensure each piece of written content produced receives maximum engagement, the use of targeted keywords mean we can improve our domain SEO, and in doing so, subsequently amplify the discoverability and exposure to the IGGalaxy brand.

IGGalaxy domain’s SEO: Keywords ranking 2020, UberSuggest.

Posting content on Medium will allow us to tap into an engaged ecosystem, on a purpose-built platform, which will no doubt accelerate our marketing efforts, whilst contributing to significant organic growth.

Using canonical links, we can publish our content on multiple platforms. A “canonical tag” is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Using the canonical tag eradicates issues of identical or “duplicate” content appearing on multiple URL domains, so in this regard, it allows us to use Medium as a vehicle for accelerating our SEO strategy.

IGGalaxy Medium publication is now live!

Content will now be shared across both IGNews and Medium channels. Our Medium publication is segmented, meaning visitors can clearly find IGGalaxy-related content that meets their interests. Readers can easily search for articles in our Medium publication as well.

Official publication for IGGalaxy.

We’re excited to share our journey of building an inclusive social competitive gaming and esports platform with Medium readers!

To keep up to date with developments, please follow us on our various social media channels:



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