The Ignite Crowdsale Roundup

The Ignite crowdsale concluding on February 28 2018 put an end to 8 months of fund-raising on behalf of the Ignite project. A lot can happen in 8 months, especially in “the world of crypto” and, during this time, the Ignite team proved always ready and willing to adapt and evolve the project’s tokenomics in line with the ever-changing industry backdrop against which its fund-raising efforts were focused.

Accordingly, a project that started with a token cap of 100,000,000 IGNT and a USD-pegged token price of $1 to 1 IGNT, ended up with an initial token cap of just 8,000,000 IGNT, a secondary offering reserve of 52,000,000+ IGNT, an ETH-pegged token price of 0.00667 ETH per IGNT, and an exchangeable twin in the IGNX token, pegged 100:1 to IGNT.

Ignite commenced its presale 3 days’ late on 18 December 2017, due to CryptoKitties having run rampant through the Ethereum network and slowed everything down to a snail’s pace (true story!)! The presale ran until 25 December 2017. Ignite commenced its main crowdsale on 15 January 2018, running continuously to 28 February 2018.

The Numbers

Presale/crowdsale total raise: 3,530 ETH

Ignite INDEX opening balance: 2,118 ETH

Individual token holders: 2,237

IGNT tokens sold during presale/crowdsale phases: 558,866 IGNT

Total IGNT distributed/reserved: 7,038,820 IGNT

Total IGNT reserved for user/staff/partner/marketing incentives etc.: 2,000,000 IGNT (these tokens are not distributed and, in the case of staff and partners, are subject to a 24-month lockup period)

Total IGNT allocated subject to varying lockup periods and anti-dumping mechanisms: 3,023,888 IGNT

Total circulating supply of IGNT as at today’s date: 2,014,932 IGNT

IGNT secondary offering reserves: 52,961,180 IGNT


On behalf of the entire Ignite Team, I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the Ignite project, and who continue to do so by supporting us as we build out the Ignite RATINGS platform and ecosystem. We are very, very excited about building something that we believe to be truly game-changing together with our community.

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