Exposing my 3 year old daughter to the world of technology ..What good i see in it..

So i am a mother of a very mischievous 3 year old girl who always runs around with my phone on her hand watching nursery rhymes on you tube or playing a game. She already knew on how to operate my phone and tab at the age of two.

As a parent i always wonder whether i am doing the correct thing in letting her self get along with the technology without any restrictions. I am a working mum and i found it so easy to give her the phone or the tab and continue with my work without any disturbance.She just keeps herself glues to it for hours and after some time i found my self checking on her to see if she had clicked the wrong thing. “Internet is a scary place for our kids” is what i have heard from many of my friends who are parents. Is this right? should they not browse through internet for research on their educational topics? will my kids just play games and learn nothing?How can these parents including me brush away this insecurity when ever our kids ask for the phone or tab?

Well working in a technology teaching school made me realize that technology just not only contains bad but can be a hugh scale of a learning process. As a parent i have the ability to restrict certain browsers and websites in order for my child to not feel trespassed or be curious when ever a wrong website appears mistakenly. We parents should introduce technology as an educating process rather an entertainment process. The world we were brought up and the world our kids being brought up our totally different. It is unfair for us to give them that traditional education without letting them experience the current technological features. They our going to be our future and no technology knowledge will make them feel insecure comparing to the kids that were exposed towards the new technological trends.

Technology is something that can’t be hidden. The future world depends on it and is built on it. As a parent it is my responsibility to give my child the right tech education in order for her to be confident in facing her future. Also it is my duty to make sure she uses this freedom in the correct way and see that immense value in technology and use it for good purposes.