How I changed the purpose of popsicle sticks.

When I was small, i used to think “hey! this is so exiting” when i was merely making a house out of cardboard boxes but when it collapsed all i could think was ‘when will mom buy a new refrigerator or an washing machine not ‘i’m renovating and re-designing this’.

It was only until later that i realized why i always wanted something new than fixing the old things i had. Why did i never use simple things i had around me? It struck me when i got older and grew out of cardboard houses to making hydraulic robotic arms and drill machines out of nothing but everyday ice-cream sticks.

I just had to open my mind and do something that was not its original purpose.

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists is purpose.The complete opposite and other purposes hits the realize button in the brain only after some time. Now have we all not been there? It’s rather exciting you see, how a popsicle stick can do things it was never meant to be used for? how it can be used as a stand to hold on some weight. To use as an foundation. To even act as a balancing mechanism and in other out of the norm scenarios.

I think that’s what education is too. How the application and the learnability plays a bigger role than the perishable knowledge that we are made to acquire in our childhood.

It’s a little crazy that matters; we definitely aren’t doing what we were/are supposed to do right?

When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you you’re nuts

You weren’t made for being an aid to the yummy ice cream only! You were also made to bring out the foundation in a drill press to be the glue guns worst prey and to help hydraulic robotic arm prototypes to move well. Strip off your originality. It’s better to fail being a wee bit crazy than having to follow convention.