Nairobi Innovation Hub Launch: A Recap

Carly Gallo
Aug 21, 2019 · 3 min read

On Saturday, July 27th, The Resolution Project — partnering with Dalberg Advisors — launched our second Innovation Hub in Nairobi, Kenya. These Innovation Hubs are spaces for Resolution Fellows, social entrepreneurs, and their greater communities to meet, collaborate with one another, and build local innovation ecosystems through events, partnerships, skill-sharing, and other opportunities.

The launch was attended by almost 30 social entrepreneurs — including 6 Resolution Fellows — who took the time to share their ideas for how to create the most effective, supportive, creative community possible. We’re excited to see more from this dynamic community of young people as they take on some of our world’s most challenging issues.

Here are some highlights from the event:

Opening Remarks and Staff Introductions

To kick off the launch event, Director of Programs Rachel Brophy and I introduced ourselves and discussed the purpose of this new Innovation Hub: to forge connections between local social entrepreneurs and their communities, to build networks, and to foster social impact.

Question Walk

Attendees then circled the room to answer the questions posed around their passions, hopes for their social impact, and the challenges they face while working on their ventures.

Through this activity, participants shared their passions and expectations for the Hub while learning more about each other.

Entrepreneur and Fellow Introductions

Attendees introduced themselves to one another. They described their work as well as their hopes for the Innovation Hub and the biggest surprise they encountered during the Question Walk.

The entrepreneurs expressed that they were excited to grow and learn from each other, and that they hoped to foster connections that would help them overcome some of their greatest challenges. They were also surprised to find that many others in the room shared similar passions and obstacles in implementing their ventures.

Solution Session

During the Solution Session, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to share obstacles, ask questions, and offer constructive feedback regarding the challenges they faced while working on their ventures. Small groups brainstormed their ideas first before sharing their work with the larger group.


The Ask/Give activity provided an opportunity for people who hadn’t yet spoken to each other to pair up. Each individual asked their partner for one thing they needed and offered one thing they could give. Some people asked for help finding funders and volunteers, while others asked for help with tech and manufacturing. In terms of giving, people were able to offer social media support and access to networks within local communities and government organizations.


As the formal event died down, entrepreneurs had the chance to network with one another. During the earlier activities, many attendees expressed their need for stronger social networks and desire to collaborate with others to create an impact in their respective fields. This networking session gave everyone the opportunity to reach out to like-minded individuals and to grow together.

We are thrilled with the success of this launch and we look forward to seeing the connection that these Innovation Hubs foster, both on a local and global scale!

Igniting Social Impact

Resolution is developing socially-responsible young leaders and empowering them to make a positive impact today.

Carly Gallo

Written by

Igniting Social Impact

Resolution is developing socially-responsible young leaders and empowering them to make a positive impact today.

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