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Figuring out how much you might make on Ignyte

How you can make money on Ignyte

Ignyte’s mission is to help you to monetize, engage, and grow your community. Whether you’re here because you want to reach some financial goals, or because you want to grow and engage a loyal community (or a combo of the two), Ignyte can help you reach those goals.

There several ways to monetize:

  • Accept free sponsorships from your followers
  • Accept donations from your followers
  • One-on-one paid video chat sessions with your followers
  • Paid product promotions
  • Selling your white-labeled merchandise to your followers

It is important to keep your community engaged to have predictable recurring monthly revenue. It’s harder, however, to predict exactly how much money you’ll earn on Ignyte, or how big your community will grow. But Ignyte can estimate what factors could increase your potential earnings.

How to get an estimate of how much you could make on Ignyte

The amount you can make on Ignyte is determined by a few key factors: the size of your followers, the portion of your follower that’s interested in supporting you, and the attractiveness and value of your content.

As an example, we will look at how much an Instagram creator with 30,000 followers can potentially earn with Ignyte using each monetization method.

Let’s say you have 30,000 followers and your engagement rate is 12%. These are the followers that are passionate about your content and are likely to check your bio link or swipe up the story to learn more. This means 3,600 people funneled in to show their support in one form or the other. However, not all 3,600 of those individuals will become supporters, in fact here is the breakdown:

  • 0.1%–0.5% (36–180 followers) of those fans will donate money
  • 0.1% -0.5%(36–180 followers) of audience intend to talk to you over one-on-one video chat (whether you run coaching, workout, or perhaps, video/photo editing session)
  • 60%-80%(2160–2880 followers) will be happy to proceed to sponsor an influencer for free by watching short video ads
  • 10%-15%(360–540 followers) will explore your merchandise store and 0.1%-0.5%(36–180 followers) will end up purchasing.

Let’s summarize earnings

Donations received:

Now, let’s say most donors pledge $5 and some $10. If between 36 and 180 followers will donate, it’s likely that the average donor contribution is 6$. Hence, the influencer is estimated to earn $432 on the low end and $1080 on the high end through their Ignyte link.

Earnings from Ignyte one-on-one video chats:

An influencer can provide different exclusive offers to their followers, whether it’s one-on-one coaching, cookout, physical training, or learning sessions. The amount of monthly video sessions influencers can conduct varies between 18 and 180. The schedule is dependent on the influencer’s availability(full time or weekends only). Once the influencer sets available time slots of 15 or 30-minutes(priced at $10 and $15 respectively), on the average, the influencer is estimated to earn $12 per session and between $216 and $2160 per month.

Earnings from free sponsorship:

Not many of your followers can support you monetarily, however, 70% or 2520 will be happy to proceed to sponsor for free by watching short video ads. Each ad view rewards influencer 1 cent, that accumulates to $25.20 per story/post, and if influencer posts between 20 to 40 organic posts per month, it will add up to $504 to $1008 from sponsoring for free option.

Earnings from paid product promotion:

Let’s talk about additional revenue from brand partnerships. Let’s say, an influencer receives on average $100 per post, and between 4 and 10 promotional deals from brands a month. Then, earnings from paid promotions will add up to $400 to $1000 per month.

Merchandise sales:

Merchandise store with an average sale of $30 and profit margin 30% becomes $9 earned. Let’s say you sell between 36–180 items that will add up to $324 — $1620 in pure earnings.

The chart shows potential monthly earnings on Ignyte.ai

Play with these variables above to help you understand how much you can make. Whether you have 1,000 or 1,000,000 followers, you can have sustainable success, but know that actual results may differ from estimations.

The ability of your Ignyte page to convert donors is key. Do you clearly state your motives in your intro video? Can your audience easily gleam what you want to do from your about section? Read our next article to understand your audience here.




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