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Igor Baliberdin
Aug 3, 2018 · 2 min read

I’m a UX Designer since it was called by information architecture, but then the definition also changed. In these first 7-year career (2005/2013), I learned the whole process of designing advertising projects from the presentation of the briefing to the delivery, but I never agreed with the lack of processes within these offices. I’ve created products and campaigns for some clients such as: Bradesco, Samsung, TIM, Cerveja Sol, GVT, Embraer, Amil, Mitsubishi, Coca-Cola, Nissin, NET, Brookfield, TV Globo, Bauducco, among many others, and I’ve led creative teams with over 10 professionals like ux and ui designers, copywriters and planners.

In these last 6 years (from 2012 until now), I've dedicated myself exclusively to UX design with a focus on research of all kinds, paying attention to all types of business and its application from the point of view of design generating, adding values ​​and impacting positively in the results.

This UI to UX career transition came about in my first experience as an entrepreneur when I opened my own design studio. This was the time when I had the opportunity to prove that everything I believed about agile processes and respect for deadlines, budgets, had a positive impact on my business and the business of my clients. During this time, I won accounts like Vale and Electrolux, as well as serving North American clients in partnership with the Brazilian advertising agency based in Miami, SambaRock, from 2013 to 2017, among these clients served were Bauducco, Mama Lycha, Tropical Fantasy and Rider , reaching an ROI of nearly 150% in the first half of 2013.

After that, I’ve been invited to serve as a CCO in a technology startup from 2013 to 2015 where I’ve been responsible to hire new professionals to compose our creative and development team composed by ux and ui designers, front and backend developers, mobile developers, planners and media managers, in addition to maintaining the design consultancies as a freelancer.
I am currently looking for a new position as UX Design Leader or UX Senior Designer in Brazil or abroad.

To know more about me and my career, access my Linkedin.

Igor Baliberdin UX Designer

A little bit about me and my design process in a text…

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