Aquarius Season 2020 Overview

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest

Rachael Middleton
Jan 20, 2020 · 4 min read
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The Sun enters the fixed air sign of Aquarius on January 20, enlivening the vibe, which is still considerably heavy due to the Capricorn planets dominating the sky. January 2020 has been a doozy so far, hosting the Saturn Pluto conjunction and a lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer. February is going to see the script get flipped, a few times maybe.

With a new lunar cycle comes the chance for a new mood. The New Moon in Aquarius is on Jan 24 and is square to Uranus in Taurus. Change is in the air, but there is a square operating, challenging the process and creating through adjustment. When squares are in play sometimes things happen and act as a catalyst that have no clear source or other to blame, yet they disrupt the plan and necessitate rerouting.

There may be some wildcards this month that operate as upsets and/or upgrades, and there may be some game changing opportunities. Look out for overreactions and radical actions. New situations peak around the Full Moon on Feb 9.

The Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, Feb 9 brings to a head what new developments have been brewing and causing a shift in priorities. If you want to know which area of your life will be spotlighted for change look to the houses with Leo/Aquarius on the cusps.

Monday January 27- Venus and Neptune meet up in Pisces, a sign where they are both very comfortable but not especially grounded in reality. Romantic visions and creative inspirations can dominate the vibe and make for some beautiful moments. The Moon is also in Pisces, casting another vote for escaping into fantasy land. There is a strong sense of idealism motivating things today, which although authentic could be fleeting and may thereby not offer the best conditions to initiate long-term commitments under. Inspiration is high and inhibitions are low, sometimes a recipe for great works or massive misfires.

Sunday Feb 2 and Monday Feb 3 we have nice configurations from Venus in Pisces to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn offering a possible temporary easing of the challenges that have been building/crushing us for some time.

Friday Feb 7 is an especially challenging day and rather action packed. The day begins with oppositions from the Moon to Pluto followed by another to Saturn. After a void period mid day the Moon enters Leo in the evening just in time to trine Venus at the very earliest minutes of Aries.

Venus enters Aries (to her dismay) Feb 7, leaving a sign of her exaltation (where she is treated like an honored guest) to the sign of her detriment (where she has no power), things will change for Venus when she enters Taurus on March 4, but until then she has to answer to Mars. Mars is in Sagittarius at first, but Mars enters Capricorn on Sun Feb 16, the same day Mercury goes retrograde at 13 Pisces.

The second half of February the malefics Mars and Saturn are both in Capricorn, having a strong and powerful run. Meanwhile the benefics, Venus and Jupiter are both in signs of detriment, so its seems as though the good have little power to combat the stronger than ever evil. Mercury is also in a sign of detriment and retrograde! Clear reasoning is not available. There can also be a lot of mis/dis info that goes off, especially because Neptune is also in Pisces with Mercury. Clarity is at an all time low. Its not going to be like this forever. Remember when things are low that life is cyclic and all things have purpose. This is also a good time to remember your true priorities and not let the negative distractions (even ones that seem official) take over your focus.

Friday Feb 14 the Moon is in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus dinging off the crisis in consciousness last quarter square that will play out tomorrow. After a jolt of the blues, or perhaps the shock of a bolt from the blue, starts off the day, the chances for improvements in the evening are high. The Moon trines Mercury in Pisces and then sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn(although all planets are in signs of their detriment, misery loves company). Lonely hearts clubs and get togethers with friends may be a lot more promising than holding out for romantic dates going off as planned. Don’t feel like you have to be alone or without love just because you aren’t in a happy relationship today. To quote Thom Yorke “Different types of love, are possible”


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