Blessing in Disguise

Jupiter in Capricorn: 2020’s Blessing in Disguise

Rachael Middleton
Dec 3, 2019 · 4 min read
Chart for Jupiter’s Ingress into Capricorn, Dec 2, 2019

Jupiter will move into Capricorn on December 2, 2019 and spend the majority of 2020 in Saturn’s sign. Of the many changes that 2020 will bring, this planetary shift will be a blessing in disguise.

At first it may not feel like Jupiter is enjoying the demotion from Sag to Cap. Excessive habits of the past are no longer so easily indulged. This is not something that many of us would willingly sign up for under normal circumstances, but adverse circumstances, ones where severe consequences are feared or faced, sometimes encourage us to willingly let go of things we once thought we needed, but were actually holding us back.

Priorities are shifting from expansion across the board to choosing to focus on the most important bottom line and increasing your dedication and effectiveness in core areas. The shift happening is from excessiveness to exactness. It’s time to choose wisely and focus on what you need to do for real instead of what you would/should/could do ideally. Whatever plans or overarching principles you have been working under may need to be re-evaluated in order to make progress.

There is going to be a lot less slack to work with and tightening up your business (professional and personal) is going to be favored over hoping for the best and going with the flow. Throwing money at problems will not even be an option anymore, and you might as well forget about getting any fringe benefits that were promised to you that didn’t already come through. Work with what you have, pay as you go, and give thanks for small favors. It’s not so much about how much you have, but how much you can do with what you have.

Adjust your expectations for yourself and other people (lower, yes, lower still, and a little bit more, ok, lower…. allright. There). The less expecting and demanding you are now the better, it will help you to be grateful for anything you actually get. If you find yourself frustrated and disappointed by other people’s behavior, use that energy to focus on cleaning up your side of the street. People can be real shitty, and you can be a real person too.

Although you may have been very inspired to expand in multiple directions in 2019, now you will feel like choosing one of those avenues to commit to and forgetting about the other possibilities, which seem less attractive and more distractive now. You will actually be able to do more by choosing less.

While the nature of Jupiter does not benefit from it’s stay in Capricorn, the sign of Capricorn and area of your chart where you find Capricorn will be getting a boost from Jupiter’s presence in the sign for the next year. This is actually great news considering everything else we have going on in Capricorn (with heavy players Saturn and Pluto running the show there, it’s been unrelenting pressure with little reward or redemption).

The ability to see the greater good and divine cosmic order underlying all things is a Jupiter perspective, and when in the sign of Capricorn, you will be able to see the hardships and toil of life as meaningful and worth the trouble. Growth will be slower and more painful even possibly, and it will be helpful to look at the big picture and keep your eye on the destination when the journey is especially rough. There is light, not only at the end of the tunnel, but intermittently along the way.

Let the light that guides you be the reason behind all your efforts. If it isn’t a strong enough motivator you may find yourself motivated in another direction (out of necessity perhaps). Capricorn is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs are motivated externally, by fear or force. Sag is a mutable sign, motivated internally by attitude. Circumstances alter cases and what you used to be able to justify may no longer be an option. You can make progress, but it won’t be easy or promised, and a real plan and tangible objectives are going to be a lot more helpful than an inspiring idea or positive attitude.

With Jupiter in Capricorn now, it is possible to have a new (or renewed) sense of devotion to the the commitments you are responsible for and dedicated to. Saturn and Pluto have made it obvious what your duties are, where you have to work hard, suffer patiently and be humbled. Jupiter is going to reveal the sacredness behind those duties, help you devote your spirit to your physical efforts and enjoy the gifts of patience and humility that Capricorn offers.


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

Rachael Middleton

Written by

practicing astrologer and small organic farmer


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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