Finally, it’s Vir(go time).

Rachael Middleton
Aug 23 · 6 min read
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It’s Virgo Time.

The Sun enters Virgo today and is in the company of both Venus and Mars, also in the Virgin’s sign. It’s going to get even more Virgo as the days go by, and by the New Moon in Virgo on Aug 30, we will have the sign ruler Mercury also on home turf. That will be 5 planets in Virgo at the New Moon.

If ever there was a New Moon to set your intention to get your shit together, it’s this one.

The Big Ass Earth Trine That Could

This month Virgo may be overrepresented energetically, but the real outstanding energy is actually Earth. With Uranus in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, all the Earth signs are weighing in and working together.

The personal planets in Virgo empower us to organize our lives and find new ways of working with the changing circumstances and pressures to secure our foundation. If you have been working hard, and find you can’t work any harder, now is the time to begin working smarter.

It will feel like a non-stop grind, but you may just find your groove.

Deal with reality and don’t waste energy complaining or worrying. Life is not perfect; It is what it is. Virgo asks, how can YOU help make it better.

Earth is physical, material and real. Earth represents the physical body portion of us (there is the mental, emotional and spiritual portions of us too). All elements of the self are connected, but sometimes certain elements in our lives take on more focus.

Now is a time when people are going to be more earth bound and grounded. The focus is on work, money, health, and the logistics of real life, practical matters and material concerns. Earth is not always fun, but it’s productive.

What is very underrepresented elementally for a few weeks is AIR, so less socializing and thinking about things and more doing and actualizing things is on the docket. Less talk, more action. Less thinking and feeling about it, more getting on with it.

After the Full Moon around mid September, planets start entering Libra and you may feel more like engaging with others socially, or at least the pressure to do so will be back on. Now, most everyone is concerned with themselves and their real life issues, so it’s a great time to tend to yours.

It is a great time to get to work, Why? Because you will both enjoy it and see much needed progress made more easily now. The key is you have to put in your part of the effort. This is much easier to do when you are doing what you feel like doing and something you are good at — if you may be so lucky, it could be your chosen work.

If you hate what you are doing everyday, Stop if at all possible. Change something about the way you are doing it and figure out a way to work it another way. You probably can’t change everything, but you can change yourself and your attitude. This is a real thing.

Virgo is about what you can do to help yourself. Whether it is self help or self care that you need right now, self awareness will be the judge.

Being honest with yourself about what needs to change in your daily habits and priorities will empower you to act on the change you want to see. It will work better for you if you don’t make a public thing about it right away.

Whatever self change or personal project you are working on, keep it to yourself for a minute. Allow yourself a private space to gestate without other people’s input, even your fans and loved ones.

Spend less time talking to others and asking for advice, if you need to know something specific, figure it out by asking a trusted expert or maybe just looking around in your environment for a solution that is already right there.

You have everything you need to go forward now. You’re just looking too far outside yourself when you can’t find the solution.

One of Virgo’s best magic tricks is manifesting in the moment exactly what is needed. It’s a thing they don’t plan for and can’t really, it’s just a willingness to help that motivates them to see what needs to be done to fix a problem or assist in a situation that is exactly perfect. This is Virgo in a flow state.

How can you activate your Virgo flow state?


I don’t care if it is a list, a schedule, a journal, a notebook, an affirmation, a letter or a manuscript. Just the act of writing, and writing that you feel is useful and or enjoyable is even better, will activate Virgo flow energy.

Virgo is about putting thoughts into forms. So…Writing is that. And it’s useful. Use it. For whatever you need to. It’s a human tool that is unique and its role in self exploration and self management is known to many, but I wish more knew Virgo’s secret of writing to know thyself and to manage their Earthly affairs.

When you write you can see your thoughts. That’s why people are sometimes afraid to write. They don’t want to see what they are thinking,and God forbid anyone else sees. Well, get past that and see what happens.

Start by writing for yourself in private. Start in pencil if you are scared. It can be erased. And p.s. you can always change what you’re thinking and write something new. No one is going to hold you to anything other than you.

Which brings me to the next part for getting into a Virgo Flow state…

Self Accountability

This ties into the writing a little bit, because Virgo can use written methods to help keep themselves accountable (it’s just for the purposes of organization and keeping track) When the authority is inner not outer, as in Virgo’s case, accountability is a rewarded effort, not a dutiful chore.

What area you need to be more on top of your shit is the area you need to get your pencil out about. Is it your finances? Hm, maybe you will need a pencil cause you’re going to be doing some MATH more than writing words. Bet you wish you had just chosen the TO DO List option now, huh? But putting your finances into your books yourself, crunching the physical numbers (not giving your accountant a pile of paper you feel overwhelmed by) is the type of Virgo action I mean. I’m not saying fire your accountant, but you know your supposed to know what the fuck is up yourself too right. The info is available to you. Get a different attitude and you will realize the other Virgo magic bullet.


Virgo is very effected by their attitude. They think it’s what they think and some people say it’s what they feel, but attitude is both. With Virgo what they think and feel is the same, it creates their attitude. And Virgo is not unique to having an attitude, what is unique is the power of the attitude for Virgo. It is make or break. The situation is not important, attitude is all important for Virgo. If they can control their attitude, and align it with their highest vision, they win. If Virgo can change their attitude, they can change the world.


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

Rachael Middleton

Written by

practicing astrologer and small organic farmer


For love. For Astrology. For the Love of Astrology.

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